Ao no Exorcist: Ep 12

The biggest surprise of this episode was that Yamada went from being this:

to this, Shura Kirigakure:

She seems to be a fun person with an eccentric personality so I’m looking forward to seeing how she’ll spice up the next few episodes.

It was kind of funny  how Amaimon unsheathed and then sheathed Rin’s sword to see how the flames came on and then burned out. Though, I could understand why Rin would be pissed. Well, Amaimon sure kicked Rin’s ass and now we know how powerful they can get. How many sons does Satan have? I would think that he has a bunch of them… wait, what about a daughter?

The main goal of this episode was to show how weak Rin is and that he doesn’t have much control of his Satanic powers. I’m guessing the next few episodes will focus on his trying to get stronger. As for Rin not being able to control his powers and easily allowing Amaimon to manipulate him, there could be grave consequences.


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