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Reborn: Chapter 302-Chrome in Julie's bed?

Chapter 302: Pursuit

As for Julie, what the heck? =.= Chrome is in your bed?… Mukuro is going to beat you up when he finds out what’s going on… just saying.. I’d be careful of what Mukuro would do to you, Julie. :3 hah. [Skip down a bit for the page where Julie says that Chrome’s ‘alseep in my bed’.]

Ninth is the one to realize that Tsuna is the one who truly represents/embodies the Vongola’s ‘true way of battle’. Starting with the second generation, the Vongola’s goal began to head to a different direction than what Primo had intended. Tsuna is the one who will change the Vongola Family and lead it to the path of ‘righteousness’.
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Reborn: Chapter 301

Katekyo Hitman Reborn; Chapter 301-Determination

On the cover, when in Hyper Will mode, his eyes give a saddened look. >.<

Well, we finally know what the new forms of the rings are called: THE VONGOLA GEAR.
ehh,, doesn’t seem like much creativity but who cares as long as the ‘gear’ looks awesome.
There are lots and lots of tiny details that match each individual hence them being the ‘custom series’.
I’m getting excited at the thought of seeing the gears animated. I wonder what the colors are and will the designs still be in great detail in the anime.
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