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Tegami Bachi REVERSE Final Episode


Its the last ep... I might as well take more screenshots

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Tegami Bachi-Reverse: Ep 10

The spirit ember, its use and origin was discussed so we know a bit more about them and how Gaichuus are born. Ooh, and that one Gaichuu that shed it’s shell/skin is now flying and is part of Roda’s plan of rebelling against the government. Roda also refers to the town of Lament as sacrifices, I think.
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Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode 3: The hydrangea-colored letter

“My heart draw a dream..”

Actually I saw this on my phone but for some reason the subtitles wouldn’t show up so basically I saw it full on RAW. So there are parts i might have misunderstood. I’ll later check on this. I rewatched the episode, this time with subs, and im impressed at myself that I actually understood many things correctly XD
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Tegami Bachi Reverse: Episode 2 – Underwear and Bread

The bond of the underwear LOL….

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Tegami Bachi Reverse: EP 1- Promise

Kyaaa Tegami Bachi is back =] Thankfully it wasn’t a long wait for me since I only saw the first season 2 months ago.

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