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Bakuman Ch.108 Avid Readers & Love at first Sight


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Bakuman: Chapter 105- Defects and Outlines

Something smells bad… Shun is wearing the same clothes from yesterday XD

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Bakuman- Episode 2: Dumb and Smart

hmm.. just noticed what’s with the opening? like the blue feather thing? XP anyway….

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Bakuman – Chapter 104: Step and Watch

Saiko wants to draw another series…

its early halloween? lol

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Bakuman: Ep 1- Dream Big or Be a Loser

I saw the first [fake] OP, Super Heroes Legend and I thought I click on the wrong ep or the site uploaded under the wrong title.. hah. >_> but I sat through it and saw Moritaka and knew that I was watching the right episode.

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Bakuman: Chapter 98\99


Chapter 98: Handshake and Readjustment

This week we get a color spread celebrating the series 2nd year of serialization. Love how they are cosplaying their characters XP

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Bakuman: Chapter 97- Last and Code

“You have to start with the end so that you can lay out everything from the beginning.” I love it every time I see them planning their chapters, I get as excited as they are.

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