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Live-Action of Arakawa Under the Bridge… o_o

“This year’s eighth issue of Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine is announcing that a Summer 2011 live-action television adaptation and a 2012 film adaptation of the Arakawa under the bridge manga has been green-lit. [Via Earl.box]”– Taken from ANN

First five seconds after reading this, I thought : ‘-___-  Seriously? How is that even possible to show Sister’s awesomeness?’.

Five seconds later: ‘Actually, this might be cool’.

If I remember to, I will watch the live action when it comes out. I feel that I should give it a try and that it might not be that bad but I’m wondering how it will show certain scenes like when Sister pulls out guns and does these cool flips. I wonder if the actor playing Sister will be badass enough, hah. I can’t wait to see the actress for Maria too. I’m really look forward to seeing the interactions between Recruit/Ko and Nino; it’s going to be so adorable~~ — or at least I hope it’s going to be.