No. 6: Ep 2

It’s only the second episode and I’m in love with this series but I have no idea why. It could be the characters and the situation they’re in are very intriguing.

It seems that four years has passed by since Shion and Nezumi’s first encounter. After letting Nezumi escape, the Security Bureau disqualified Shion and he and his mother ended up in Lost Town. That’s quite sad how they lost everything just because Shion sheltered Nezumi for one night.

Anyways, Nezumi’s gotten bigger, taller, and more of a badass~ I love his smirks and his attitude although he seems a lot more friendlier than the last episode or maybe he just acts like that around Shion. I’m still looking forward to more hints of BL. >3>

Now that Shion’s escaped, he probably won’t be able to go back to Lost Town and see his mother. Hopefully she won’t get dragged into the mess. I wonder how he’ll go on and how he’ll spend the rest of his life with Nezumi. And I’m interested in how Nezumi was able to escape the bureau in the first episode.

I think the fact that Nezumi looks kind of like Kanda from DGM is part of the reason why I’m going to stick with this series until the end. heh.

This episode makes the OP sequence make sense…

Ikoku Meiro No Croisée: Ep 2 and 3

Episode Two: Cheese.

Yune is just so cute. She tries super hard to adapt to her new environment such as eating cheese even though she doesn’t like it. It was adorable when she tried the freshly baked bread and sparkled when she loved it.

It was nice to see them go to the open market and she tried to memorize the names of vegetables she’s never seen before. It’s so adorable how Claude treats her kindly and tries to change himself to be more considerate towards her. I think Oscar’s noticed a change in Claude too. It’s all thanks to Yune’s adorableness~

I found this to be really cute, haha. Yune and Oscar enjoy dried prunes/plums–I forgot which. When Claude tries one, he doesn’t seem to enjoy them much.

Episode Three: Japanese Labyrinth

This episode shows us two of the members from the Blanche family who own the department store and I guess they are the kind of people who believe in using money to get what they want. One of the daughters, Alice, received a kimono for her birthday and that kimono used to be owned by Yune. She taken a liking to the kimono so I’m sure she’s not going to give it up easily. Not only that but Alice’s father plans to buy the Gallery for her birthday. I wonder if Alice would want to keep Yune if she saw her…

Oscar suggested that they move if they ever ran out of business and I think that it would be a nice idea. Claude would be able to see what Japan is like since his imagination of what the country looks like isn’t very accurate but it was funny~

The sign that Claude made using Yune’s name as inspiration looked really beautiful.

I think I’m using the word cute and adorable too much. >3>

Usagi Drop: Ep 2

His perspective has already changed as when he steps into the department store, he notices that he hadn’t realized there were that many parents there with their kids.

After only a few days, he realizes how hard it actually is to raise Rin and that it’s very exhausting. He barely has anytime to finish his work and he gets distracted causing him to make a few mistakes. He rushes through his work to be able to pick Rin up as quick as possible.

Another big thing is that Daikichi seems to think that Masako, Rin’s mother, didn’t want to leave Rin behind and probably had a reason for it. I had originally thought that he wasn’t quite fond of her but I was wrong. He isn’t going to conform and believe right away that Masako is a horrible mother. He’s open-minded and believes that she isn’t that bad of a person.

Rin is so cute and adorable~ She’s showing more emotions and expressions than the previous episode.

Ao no Exorcist Episode13

Hello! Its been a while and finally I’ve been able to get some free time, so I’ve dropped by here =] So… for episode 13 of the Blue exorcist we’ve got.. a new opening and ending! (hmm.. I’ll have to get used to them XP)
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Usagi Drop: Ep 1

This is such a heartwarming series as Rin gets taken in by Daikichi when no one else in the family wants her. It was frustrating to see everyone find excuses for not wanting to take her in and when Daikichi volunteers himself, his mother and sister don’t approve of it. It’s just sad how no one wanted her due to certain circumstances. They’re making her feel like a burden.

It was horrible of the mother to leave Rin like that. I’m just thinking that maybe she’ll come back and want to take Rin away. I hope Daikichi doesn’t let that happen.

It was cute to see her running around the house and following Daikichi. What I’m curious about the most is what is she going to call him? It was funny how she called him old man which then changed to grandpa and finally she called him Daikichi. Which is it?

Final Verdict:

Mawaru Penguin Drum: Ep 1

First off, I must say that the animation is amazing. It’s so colorful and artsy~
The house that they live in and the things within the house all stand out so much with their vibrant and contrasting colors.

I feel that the most important point the episode was trying to present were the… penguins. haha. They are so cute. *_* And not to mention helpful. They can understand the human language and perform probably simple tasks that are asked of them.

The eccentricity of the being who controls Himari is definitely intriguing~

Those are some badass penguins. They can run errands, cooking, sow and best of all, be as stealthy as ninjas. They’ll even go through the pouring rain to hand you an umbrella, what more could you possibly want from such an adorable little penguin?

Final Verdict:

No.6: Ep 1- I see a hint of BL in it~

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ‘BL’… it stands for boys love which basically translates to guyxguy which then equals yaoi. That’s the more simple way of explaining it and it seems that certain actions of the characters suggest that there’s some romance between guys involved but it’s more innocent and cute.

Anyways, back to the anime. I curious as to how things will progress between Shion and Nezumi and I wonder what’s going to happen to him for sheltering a criminal.

I admit, the beginning started off slow and didn’t exactly had my full attention until Shion’s screaming in the rain. Maybe he’s feeling emptiness being an elite with such a high IQ and he wants to see the real part of the world, you know? Not much to say about this since it was somewhat typical where the protagonist helps someone who he doesn’t know.

Overall thought:

Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou- Ep1

The opening scene was awesome. It got me hooked and my eyes glued to the screen~

If it was that easy for his to get stabbed by the little girl then he must have really trusted her since I’m guessing he put his guard down. That’s sad. She took away little Rikuo’s dad. I want to see Rikuo’s dad in action as the Second Heir[?Is that what he’s called?].

All the stuff in between the opening scene and closing scene brought back the hype I had for the first season a few months back.

*_* They look so badass but Kappa is so cute~~
I liked how this episode presented the full story about how the bus attack by Gagoze occurred and Rikuo ended up at the scene. Now it’s clear how Kiyo Cross Supernatural Squad met Rikuo in his yokai form for the first time– it’s not a mystery anymore.

Little Rikuo is so awesome.

The older Rikuo is even more awesome~~

I’m hoping this season will kick more ass than the first season so I’m really looking forward to watching this.


Ikoku Meiro No Croisée: Ep 1- She’s too adorable and small…

Yune is a Japanese girl who must fulfill her family tradition by serving as an attendant and so she decides to do so in France. Now, a dude named Claude has become her master.

Yune is just too adorable~ She’s so small too– I would say she’s a bit too small…

I really like this series. It’s like an innocent telling of Yune’s adventure in France serving Claude. It’ll be fun to see how she adjusts and lives in this new environment of hers. Even though Claude seems to be a bit cold and harsh, he’s actually a sweet guy. Have I mentioned how adorable she is? She felt bad about destroying the signboard that she was willing to give up something important to her. She’s so considerate.

I was surprised to hear French words–sentences even… OHOHOHO. I wonder if I could pick up a few French words. It probably won’t be that easy though. I can’t wait to see Claude and Yune spend more time together and seeing her learn new things.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou: Ep 1

Narumi was so depressing in the beginning. He was being a typical character who was unsatisfied and not content with how things were. He couldn’t feel any connection with reality until his fated encounter with Alice and the others who work for her. After his meeting with Alice and getting involved does he feel like ‘the pixels begin to form a picture’.

The Fourth is a total boss. He pawns all. hah. He’s the boss of a bunch of gangsters? But he’s pretty strong. His punch packs a lot of damage. Apparently, he’s a master at sewing but refuses to have his underlings be aware of it. Him fixing Alice’s teddy bears is pretty manly~

What really caught my attention was the characters. Each of the characters in the group is a specialist at something and that’s makes it interesting. It’s fun to see what each person’s skills are and seeing them in action. It was awesome to see Hiro texting on two different phones~

It is definitely the characters that has me interested in this series. Yes, the plot is interesting but the characters outshine everything else. Also, I didn’t think Alice would ever leave her room but she occasionally does to ‘speak for the dead’.