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Bakuman Ch.108 Avid Readers & Love at first Sight


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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 50: That Butler, Burial

ahaha and the true culprits are revealed!

Seby reading Ciel in Wonderland XD

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The Breaker: New Waves- Chapt 1

This is the sequel to The Breaker. The time in the manhwa is consistent as only a few weeks have passed since Shioon has been invited to join the Sunwoo clan.

The first few pages of this chapter does a recap of the entire first part of The Breaker.

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Bakuman: Chapter 105- Defects and Outlines

Something smells bad… Shun is wearing the same clothes from yesterday XD

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Bakuman – Chapter 104: Step and Watch

Saiko wants to draw another series…

its early halloween? lol

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BLEACH 423. Farewell Swords

Waking from dream world and back to reality…`

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BLEACH 422: The Silent Victory

The battle is over!?

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The chapter is out and we get  a full color and awesome spread. “Now time has come to an end…”

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BLEACH 419/420

First of all I’ll like to make notice that I don’t have internet at home T_T so Im currently posting this from collage ;p I’m not sure if its chapter 421 or 422 since I can’t check right now. Also, no pics, sorry.

So let’s see, last time I left off when Ichigo had slashed Aizen.

This time I’ll reviewing 2 chapters, and I most remark.. amazing chapters!

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Bakuman: Chapter 98\99


Chapter 98: Handshake and Readjustment

This week we get a color spread celebrating the series 2nd year of serialization. Love how they are cosplaying their characters XP

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