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The Breaker- Chapter 64

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In this chapter,
Shin Woon is doing.. NOTHING. He is sitting/standing there seeing his master in this monstrous form and to only be able to ask ‘why, why, why’.
My thought as I read this chapter [or what I want to say to Shin Woon]: Why do you keep asking why? If you want to know the cause for such a form, then stop your master and directly ask him. If you don’t like your master’s current form, then change it. Return Chun Woo to the way he was when he was your master if you have a problem with how he is right now.
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[manhwa]The Breaker: ch 1-63

Title: The Breaker
Type: Manhwa
Author: JEON Geuk-jin ; Artist: PARK Jin-Hwan
Release: [as of July 30] 64 Chapters; on-going
Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, School Life, Romance

[Chapter 64 released just a couple minutes ago, so I did not get a chance to read it yet.]
I spent my entire day to marathon the series until I could catch up to the most recent chapter, 64.
Summary: [written from what I’ve read without spoiling–much.]

A boy named, Shin Woon [name may be incorrect] is constantly bullied and beaten up [usually really bad] due to his cowardice and the overwhelming scariness of his bullies. One day, a man, Han Chun Woo, shows up as the new teacher at Shin Woon’s school. One day, as Shin Woon walks the streets, he finds this new teacher being dragged into the back alleys by a few yakuza. As these yakuza attack his teacher, Shin Woon witnesses his teacher’s unexpected powers. Realizing his teacher has strength like no other, Shin Woon begs for Chun Woo to become his master; however, little does anyone realize that this teacher is not who he says he is…

I’ve looked around and seeing people claim that this series is a rip of off GTO/HSDK [History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi]. All I can say is that this series may be similar to GTO/HSDK but in no way does it rip off the other series that share similar genres. The teachers of GTO and The Breaker are both badasses; however, the teacher in The Breaker is no ordinary teacher as he instills fear in those of the martial arts world as the Goomoonryong, or nine arts dragon.

The art of this series is absolutely amazing and breathtaking especially during the fighting scenes–seriously, no lie. Look below for some examples of the amazing art. The art somewhat reminds me of HSDK.
*purplish parts are possible spoilers. possibly major ones too*
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