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Ao no Exorcist Episode13

Hello! Its been a while and finally I’ve been able to get some free time, so I’ve dropped by here =] So… for episode 13 of the Blue exorcist we’ve got.. a new opening and ending! (hmm.. I’ll have to get used to them XP)
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Tegami Bachi REVERSE Final Episode


Its the last ep... I might as well take more screenshots

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE Ep.24

It’s  almost over!!

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Demon, Alien, Doll, Mutant or something else?

My impressions on 5 new anime series =]

Instead of making a post for each one, I put them all together, I hope paper doesn’t mind.
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Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode 14

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Pandora Hearts Chapter 56

Oz gets conjuctivitis!?
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Kuroshitsuji – Ch52- sailing buttler

“Nobles really don’t do anything but gather everyday and talk about irrelevant things like what family did this or that…”-Ciel

Lol that cracked me up

hey, snake doesn't look bad XD

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BLEACH CHAPTER 428-429 Hello Xcution

Ishida´s father can look hotXD whatever happened to his son´s sense of style XP

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Bakuman Ch.108 Avid Readers & Love at first Sight


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Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode 3: The hydrangea-colored letter

“My heart draw a dream..”

Actually I saw this on my phone but for some reason the subtitles wouldn’t show up so basically I saw it full on RAW. So there are parts i might have misunderstood. I’ll later check on this. I rewatched the episode, this time with subs, and im impressed at myself that I actually understood many things correctly XD
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