Daily Archives: July 6, 2012

Tari Tari Ep 1

This is probably my first series that focuses on singing so I’m quite interested in how Tari Tari will incorporate singing into its story. We’ve all been there: wanting something so bad and working so hard, yet we’re denied the chance or opportunity to prove ourselves. This series could get super deep and serious especially when you’re talking about aspirations and such but chooses to stay as a light and comedic series. Some parts of it is actually funny and got me chuckling especially the new transfer student. Seriously, he’s really hilarious.

Even though this series isn’t anything serious, it does have some tension surrounding Sakai and the circumstances which have forced her to stop singing. Well, judging from the opening scene, I would think that it has something to do with her mother. Seeing as her mother isn’t around, I believe that her mother may have been involved in an accident. There’s a chance for tears depending on how the tragedy that Sakai had gone through will be played out.

Rating: 3+/5
I like Miyamoto and her ambitious attitude to keep watching because I’m just the opposite of such a character. This is definitely way better than Koroko Connect. Watch Tari Tari just for the transfer student, it’s worth it.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous EP 1

I like the pacing of the story, not too slow, not too fast. Surprisingly, there’s no cliche situation where she feels awkward around him or tries avoid him yet when Hazuki confessed to the manager. I don’t think she’d so easily agree to being in a relationship with Hazuki because its clear that she still can’t forget about her husband.

This series uses dry witty humor to give it that bit of comedic feel. It’s not necessarily trying to get you to laugh til your weak but just to get a “hah” in there. It certainly is witty. An example:

Even though I’m a huge fan of Yuya Matsushita and I really love the OP, the ED is much more appealing in terms of visuals and vocals.

Rating: 4+/5
This series can definitely be worthwhile and a very excellent romance series. For me, the witty humor this series has to offer is its selling point and most appealing. It’s definitely worth your time so go and watch it.