Brief enounter with an old lady

so this is a picture I found off of google, I’ll update this with a picture of the library’s manga shelf on my next visit.

Recently, I’ve visited my local library to volunteer and Tuesday was one of the days that I volunteer on. I always head straight to the manga section and work on putting them back in alphabetical order and straightening them up. Even though I’m not suppose to, I tend to pick up a manga title that may look interesting and browse through it. After I’m done, I put it back and continue my work.

So as I was working, this lady who is quite old, a senior citizen, is another volunteer and is performing her task. She deals with the pick list which is where she pulls books off the shelves that are on the list that other people have requested through the online services. She heads up to the manga section to pull some books off. She wasn’t able to find a book and so I offered to help her look for the X Men series vol 3. She sat down on the little bench in front of the manga section while continuing to search for items on her list. Next up was Shugo Chara Vol 11.

It’s only been about five or ten minutes and I thought I should try to say something to her and so I asked the first question that came to my mind, “have you ever read any of these mangas before?”. I shouldn’t have asked. I had the slightest hope that maybe this lady would be open-minded because of the fact that she was an adult but I was wrong. She replied with a laugh characterized by disbelief that I would even ask such a question and said “are you kidding me? no, no way. I would never”.

Right after she said this I thought, but old people in Japan actually enjoy manga and animes like One Piece or so I’ve read somewhere. I really wanted to say this to her but it wouldn’t have made a difference. She would’ve passed my comment off as simply a childish attempt at defending the value of manga.

It’s made me want to reconsider whether I would want to let others know of my passion for anime and manga if they can’t at least respect it.


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