Ao no Exorcist Episode13

Hello! Its been a while and finally I’ve been able to get some free time, so I’ve dropped by here =] So… for episode 13 of the Blue exorcist we’ve got.. a new opening and ending! (hmm.. I’ll have to get used to them XP)

Somehow I was expecting more of this episode, it felt like a filler, I’ll explain why:

Basically, Shura came to Japan to investigate the possibility of Mephisto hiding something related to Satan.. But apparently, there’s more to it, since Shura was Shiro’s apprentice. In any case, she takes Rin to kick his ass  “interrogate” him as to why he’s trying to be an exorcist, and all that talk we’ve seen before. And so after being blown, thrown, slashed, etc.. Rin’s feelings get through Shura, and that’s about everything the episode is about.

Though we get some flashbacks in between, Shura’s being the most interesting since it appears she was in the demon world before she became an exorcist… and not to mention that Shiro trusted her to teach Rin since she uses a demon sword too.

Oh yeah, at the end of the episode, Shura confiscates Rin’s sword until he gets stronger. So now he’s going to be fighting with a wooden sword >_<

Hopefully next episode will be more exciting =]

7 responses to “Ao no Exorcist Episode13

  1. *3* i love yo picture~
    with Shura’s appearance, things are sure to get crazy and fun–i can’t wait. :3

    • ★✰HYuni★✰

      Haha yeah, she reminds a bit of yoruichi xD it´ll be interesting to know why she uses a demon sword

      • now that you mention it, she does resemble yoruichi.
        i’m also interested in some flashbacks of her and shiro.

        • ★✰HYuni★✰

          yeah shiro seems to have planned everything… weapon, school, a pet, and now special tutor for Rin haha
          But out of everyone, the one that intrigues me more is mephisto, which coincidentially reminds me of urahara xD, really wth does he want?

          • Exactly. I’m surprised he’s thought so far into the future and prepared everything adequately.
            Mephisto… he’s a mystery. They know he’s a demon and yet he’s working for exorcists but I feel that he’s only working for them to get to his objective–which might be Rin. Once he’s finished, he’s probably going to forget about the exorcists and go back to wherever he came from?

  2. ★✰HYuni★✰

    haha yeah He might as well want to use Rin to overtake Satan? and talking about satan… i hope he’s good looking =D

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