Deadman Wonderland: Ep 1

Right off the bat, all the middle school students in Ganta’s class are slaughtered. It’s so brutal. What’s even worse is that he’s blamed for the murders. His defense attorney was just a bastard. Such a fake ass. He was like, ‘Ooh, don’t worry Ganta-kun. I will do my best to help you out’. All he did was just make sure that Ganta would receive the correct sentence. On the bright side, Ganta receives mysterious powers.

Apparently, the ‘Red Man’ is Wretched Egg’s Branch of Sin and it can be assumed that it’s rare for anyone to be alive after see the ‘Red Man’. Either way, people want him dead. I wonder why the guy wants Ganta dead. Is it because of the powers?

So Deadman Wonderland is a prison where the prisoners are to entertain by participating in possibly dangerous acts in order to receive candy. The candy extends the date of their death sentence, I think. It seems like candy is their drug. The dude was going crazy when he didn’t get his candy.

Shiro is so adorable and I love the song she sang. It sort of alludes to Ganta’s situation. Also, I love the ED since it’s by Nirgilis. It’s so awesome. I’m liking this series so far. It’s thrilling and entertaining.

One more thing:
This dude is such a bastard.


12 responses to “Deadman Wonderland: Ep 1

  1. I stopped reading Deadman a while back, but it is a very interesting manga, quite scary at times, and always gory, oh, ever so gory.
    Some very surprising twists to.

  2. Well, manga got lighter after some time. Of course there are always fights and blood involved, but it turns into more a psychological battle after the 2nd third of the story… Hope anime follows the plot closely!

  3. Oh my gosh, normally I HATE HATE HATE horror and bloody stuff like this.. but I have to admit I really, LOVED this show. So I started reading a few chapters, but then I had to stop myself so I wouldn’t spoil the rest of the anime =-=;;

  4. i stopped watching dead man wonder land however its still a great show and thanks for this post

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