Tegami Bachi REVERSE Final Episode


Its the last ep... I might as well take more screenshots

“That’s it!?”- is what I thought.  This episode was too rushed for my taste >_< Lag gets a sudden outburst of energy and BANG! The gaichuu is dead… if they were going kill it so fast, they might as well had done it on episode 24. Then the rest of the episode was wasted on goodbyes and simply everything returned back to normal. Sure, it was nice to see that Sunny was recovering and that even though Noir didn’t get his heart back, he still a nice person. But, seriously that’s not what really want to see now, do we? Too many things were left unclear as I expected… I mean 2 marauders survived and they don’t do anything?

As a last episode it sucks, so I’ll rather take it as the ending for this arc only, and hope for a new season XD If they do decide not to make a sequel, I guess I’ll have to pick the manga >_< Then again, I might not be able to wait until they decide to make a third season.

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed it, it was more exciting than the first season (Noir  had more scenes^_^) . Now, if only I could get my hands on that ending song that’s been stuck on my head for awhile ;P


2 responses to “Tegami Bachi REVERSE Final Episode

  1. I was waiting for that moment where Lag would save his mother or something but that didn’t happen. I can’t say that I’m satisfied with the way this ended because it showed that Lag was special but not how or why. I hope there’s going to another season too and that his mother’s situation and Lag’s specialness gets explained.

    • ★✰HYuni★✰

      Yeah I was expecting to see more of his mother, I mean didnt it all started because of her? And Lag actually only remembered about his mother until he saw Gauche’s memory >_<
      As for Lag's specialness, yes that's be ticking me off for a while, the most we know about it is that Lag is "—-" in human form… what a cliffhanger!

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