[Angel Beats] Kanade-sama’s Mapo Tofu~

First, yeahh, I’m not going to lie– I’ve been procrastinating and it’s probably because I’ve had enough of how difficult and fast-paced my classes are. Mostly, I’m behind on school stuff because I’ve been addicted to Cityville on FB. -___-

Anyways, that doesn’t matter right now. Right now, it’s all about Kanade’s favorite food: Mapo Tofu.

Here’s the story: I was at an Asian supermarket, Vinh Phat. I stroll down the aisles I find this—

Yayyy~~~ Mapo Tofu. Actually, I’ve never eaten this before and I wanted to try it but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it because I can’t take anything that’s too spicy. I can’t remember but I think the other two were “MILD” and “MED-HOT”.  I think I’ll try the MILD one hoping that I can handle the spiciness.

On another note, I wish I never heard the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black… I clicked on it thinking it was going to be a good song… but I was wrong. hah. If you don’t know the song, that’s good. Keep it that way. DO NOT, DO NOT SEARCH FOR THE SONG. –I warned you…

hah, I’m being a bit mean but still…


18 responses to “[Angel Beats] Kanade-sama’s Mapo Tofu~

  1. Mapo Tofu..I’ve tried it before..and for my dish, it was spicy. Very spicy. I haven’t tried any since then. My lips were swollen (cuz of the spiciness if you know what I mean).

    Never heard of that song, “Friday”. Is it really that bad? Hmm…I’m really curious..

    • Lol, would you try it again if it was in the flavor of Mild or something?
      Did you actually eat the entire dish even though it was too spicy? I can only imagine the pain that you went through.

      … Overcome your curiosity. Do not give into your curiosity, haha. >3> Someone said that the lyrics are alright but it was just the voice that wasn’t so good. >3>

      • Yeaps, I finished the whole dish. Haha. It was quite the experience. My advice? Try it when the weather is not too hot. >.<

        Hmm..if I'm feeling a little adventurous I'd give it again. Mild, please.

        • Hah, the hot weather made it worse, huh?
          well, guess I can’t try it now even if I wanted to because it’s getting so hot. T-T

          Lol, I wonder if Mild would be too much.

  2. I don’t think I can find some at my local store, and I love spicy meals. =\

  3. Haha I love Mabo Tofu, it’s really good x). You can’t eat spicy food? Haha Mabo tofu, isn’t THAT spicy, its hardly spicy at all o.o

    LOL FRIDAY. Haha that’s all anyone in my school has been singing for the past weeks, it’s terrible isn’t it?

    • Really? I think I’ll try it soon then. I’ve been hearing that the non-spicy one is awesome. I can’t take spicy stuff and I can barely eat Hot Cheetos… haha. I’m weak like that.

      It’s just horrible. T-T Now, every time I hear the word Friday, I think of the song… Lol, and my friends want to piss me off so they said: ‘ Tomorrow’s Friday~~ [sang the Friday song] *turns to me* I’ll sing it to you tomorrow in class since I sit next to you, haha’. >3> I hope she forgets and doesn’t sing it.

      • Haha well they’re both really good though x) LOL SERIOUSLY? HOT CHEETOS?? haha I’m pretty good with eating spicy foods though…

        LOL haha, I’ve finally managed to get that song out of my head, FINALLY. But haha you have to admit, the lyrics are pretty funny x).. oh yess haha because I’m too lazy to reply to your comment on your bleach post o.o umm we have to take summer school for out pre ib (honors) classes, so that we can have like more room in our schedule for the school year…

        • yupp, i’m that weak.

          Lmao, the lyrics are funny and the song is somewhat catchy but it’s just her voice.
          that seems like a lot of work. is it mandatory for everyone?
          i wish my school had summer school, then i be like you, having extra room for classes that i want to take.

          • Haha it’s ok, I can’t stand bitter stuff x)

            Yeah o.o but I think it’s more of the studios voice, since they auto-tuned it or something like that…. Oh well, it’s mandatory, but I rather take it since it’ll make my school schedule during the year less hectic.

            • Dark choco is bitter. T-T I don’t like bitter stuff either.

              I would like to hear her voice without the auto-tune. Are you planning on taking fun classes next year?

              • Haha yeah, and it’s supposedly good for your health.. I can’t stand it though -___-

                Haha my friend told me she sounds pretty good without autotune, since she heard her sing the national anthem or something like that. Hm.. well I want to but I’m most likely taking SRC or finance -__- sounds so boring…

                • I heard that too..

                  Then have you heard of her singing the national anthem yet? o.o It is good?

                  Finance sounds like fun, hah. x]

                  • Aha o.o oh well no… maybe I should.. =-= but I’m too lazy at the moment right now haha

                    LOL seriously? I’m afraid I’m going to start sleeping in that class ^-^;; it sounds.. really boring

                    • I heard it. It was pretty good.
                      lol, you’re always lazy.

                      haha, if you had a cool teacher, then you probably wouldn’t sleep even if the subject is boring.

  4. The tofu looks really spicy~ and it’s only $2.89! c: whenever I eat weird spicy stuff from powder, I get stomach aches >_<
    Oh a Friday song sounds cool, telling ppl not to search the song tempts them to actually search it. (aka me xD)

    • Lol, I guess weird spicy stuff isn’t for you then.

      DON’T DO IT. Lol. I know you’re tempted but resist that urge. It’s for your own good. hah.
      I just wanted to tell people so that if they were thinking of searching it, they wouldn’t. x]

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