Tegami Bachi REVERSE Ep.24

It’s  almost over!!

Lately, I´ve been like super busy and for many weeks I stopped watching Tegami Bachi, but my friend was saying to me to the other day, how the anime was comming to and end, and I was like: “whaaa! no way!?” So I ended up putting aside some of my homework and making time to catch up with the series, until I reach the end of episode 24, just to find myself with mixed feelings.

Let me explain: It turns out Lawrence wanted to use the ones who could´t become a spirit to power up the big gaichuu (whoops forgot its name despite it was mentioned so much XD). When Noir finds out about this through Signal and Signalee, he rebels against Reverse and saves Lag and company from gaichuu. Together they tried stopping the big gaichuu from reaching Yuusari but failed and the gaichuu escaped and went directly to the Bee Hive only to find it empty. Thanks to Signal and Signalee everyone evacuated  and took refugee and thanks to Dr. Thunderland, the ones-that didnt become a spirit took some treatment and are now against Reverse.

But the Gaichuu is alive and has no gaps for a shindan to defeat it, so this is where Lloyd returns from his trip bringing no other than the legendary Maka (I actually saw this comming =_=) , and together with Lag and Noir they are able to finally hit the gaichuu through a hole that Niche and her sister make. But! Things don’t end there, Lawrence sacrifices himself and the gaichuu transforms  again and gains wings. At the end of the episode, Noir protects Lag from being slashed.

So, on first thought, the series got really interesting and I really hope that Noir didn´t die (that would kill my main reason for watching this anime XP). Now, on second thought, there’s only 1 episode left and too much that they need to explain, first of all I’ll like to see this Akatsuki city.Then there’s Lag mother. Was she turned into a spirit and gain the ability to suck of the hearts of people? Or did she had that ability before? If so, what is Lag then? And what about the artificial sun, who created it? Why do they even need an artificial sun, what happened to the real one? Oh, and what about the leaders of the Bee Hive at Akatsuki, they haven’t even shown their face!  Seriously, there’s too much that is still unclear and a 20 min episode wont be enough to cover all that, so Im really hoping for a third season if they end it like that.. or at least some OVAs.. Then again the manga hasn’t ended so it might be a while if they decide to make one..

Anyway, enough talking, gotta go dive into my pile of homework T_T

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