Infinite Stratos: Episode One, Two, Three, Four.

First of all, I think Ichika’s sister is so cool. She’s so awesome in both personality and IS piloting skills. I wonder why she doesn’t pilot an IS anymore? I doubt it’s age.. she doesn’t seem that old.

I really like the action that this series has with IS-es somewhat like armors, which allows its users to fight one another but protected with a shield unless the shield energy is used up, then it’s a different story. It’s nice to see how the IS-es vary in form and color.

By episode four, three girls want him. I wonder how many girls there will be by the end of the show that want him. Wait, I wonder if the entire school of girls want him. He seems to be oblivious to how the girls feel towards him. I’m rooting for Houki to end up with Ichika, she’s such a tsundere that it’s kind of funny when she gets all flustered in front of Ichika. I thought for sure she would have her own IS. What happens when you don’t have an IS of your own? That kind of sucks. She’s left out of the circle as Ichika, Alecia oops, it’s Cecilia and Rin have their own personal IS-es.

At the end of episode four, she seemed kind of.. useless. That’s kind of mean to say but.. all she did was tell Ichika to not lose which had the unmanned IS shift its focus and aim for her. Come on, she shouldn’t distract them like that when they’re busy fighting. It could have Ichika killed or messed up his plan. Something serious has finally happened because an unmanned IS has appeared but it’s impossible as no one has heard of one being created yet. It brings me to question about Houki’s sister. I think she has pink hair. That’s kind of weird when Houki has black hair. It shows how anime defies logic.

–I feel like this post doesn’t make sense at all; as if I just kept writing and writing without proofreading to see if it flows or if sentences are being correctly formed, gahh.


16 responses to “Infinite Stratos: Episode One, Two, Three, Four.

  1. I loved the first two episodes, hated the third because it focused too much on the women stuff (too much harem, dangit!) and then episode four was a giant improvement with going back to being nice and action-packed.

    • I really don’t how it’s going down the path of harem; usually, I steer clear of harems but I made an exception for this one since… it seemed cool. I hope it focuses more on the action than on the harem aspect later on.

  2. I really like this show so far. I don’t really enjoy how oblivious the main character is to all of the girls’ advances though…

    • I’m rooting for Houki to be the one he chooses.. all the other girls aren’t that cool. Which girl do you want him to end up with?
      It does get a bit frustrating when he doesn’t seem to understand their feelings towards him.

  3. I really liked the first episode. Although I think it’s weird to see a human head popping out of a machine like that. What I like was the fighting scenes – it’s great.

    But then things started to go downhill from there. I don’t really enjoy harem cuz sometimes the girls tend to get very annoying. I bet it’s hard for a bunch of girls competing for the affection of that one guy. If I’m to put that aside and just enjoy the actions, I guess this series is still likeable.

    • I actually thought first episode was good, it really caught my attention but then it slowed down a bit when it tried to introduce a few girls that were soon to be a part of his harem; the series started getting better when the fight with the unmanned IS began. So hopefully it doesn’t focus too much on the harem and more on the action.
      I know what you mean, the harem isn’t working for me either. I’m only watching it for the action and for Orimura-sensei. She’s so awesome… unlike the other girls.

  4. Honestly I am pulling for Cecilla to win him over. For some reason I always pull for the super arrogant people who don’t really have a chance. She also will probably have an interesting backstory too, talking about why she has to act so strong all of the time or something like that.

    • First and foremost, I love your icon of Tokuchi. He is such a badass. I kept wishing and wishing for a second season of One Outs.

      It seems like she doesn’t have much a chance at winning his love but it might be possible. I found it really funny when she changed her attitude towards him after their fight. Her haughty attitude bugs me a bit though.

  5. Yeah, I love One Outs too. It is depressing that it is not more popular.

    That’s true, I would give her the least chance out of all of them to end up with him, but that makes it even more appealing to me. I actually.y enjoy the stereotypical rich girl attitude, I think it’s funny when people presume superiority based on superficial things.

    • Did you read the manga?

      Actually, I get kind of embarrassed for her when she goes off and acts proud of being a rep for her country when no one really cares.. and then I crack up.

  6. I actually don’t ever read manga ever. I don’t have any imagination.

    I know what you mean, I get a bit embarrassed for her too, but that just makes her more charming. She is the butt of probably the funniest moments in the series thus far. I just want the harem to end before the show ends. It is not that cool of a harem.

    • Really? o.o No manga at all? Why? Imagination? … Is imagination necessary to read manga? o.o

      I’m glad I’m not the only that feels that way. Yeah, I agree, the harem isn’t necessary.

  7. I don’t know, I just have a hard time imagining the movements happening between the panels. I also like pretty colours. I have read a total of two mangas in my life actually.

    • Ooh, that’s what you meant. I guess you need a bit of an imagination but.. it’s not necessary. You could just read it for the storyline and not for the art and movements…
      Hmm, really? Which two? What motivated you to read them?

  8. True true, but I love the art and motions and all the pretty colors. I actually think miss the music the most though.

    I read Hunter X Hunter after the anime was over, because I really wanted to know what happened, and I read ahead in Naruto a long time ago, but I have since stopped that.

    • Alright, you got me. The music does play a huge part in conveying the emotions and situations.

      Was it good? I was thinking of reading it. Why did you stop? Did you give up reading for the anime?

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