Beelzebub: Ep 2

I wonder if Oga’s family plays an important role in this anime. But wow, it was a funny scene as they thought that Oga got Hilda pregnant and Beelzebub was his child.. What was even more funny was that they claimed Beelzebub had features that were exactly the same as Oga.

That one scene where they all laughed for a few moments.. their laughs were contagious. I couldn’t help but laugh with them. It wasn’t as if it was funny but… it’s just that they laughed so I laughed.

The bath scene was sort of weird. I actually thought the silhouette belonged to Hilda.. Lol, I didn’t expect for Alain Delon to show up AND to get into the bath with Oga.

I get this feeling that the show’s pacing is SUPERRRRRR slow and that it’s really redundant, especially the jokes or more like the electricity thing. I’m getting a bit wary of the electrocution as it happens over and over. I hope that it doesn’t become something that happens in every single episode. Maybe Beel will toughen up a bit and not cry as much anymore.

I am really excited about next week’s episode since Tomokazu Sugita voices a new character named Hajime Kanzaki. I’m a fan of Sugita so I’m really looking forward to hearing his wonderful voice. ^_^

10 responses to “Beelzebub: Ep 2

  1. Ehhh never got the time to watch this yet, is it any good? Well it’s probably because I think the baby really needs to wear something -_________-

    • Well, it has this similar vibe to Gintama. x]
      But, I think you should give it a try. Well, since you’re probably PROCRASTINATING… Lol, watch it if you have time… after you finish your homework. I think you’ll like it since we have similar taste.

  2. As soon as I get my better internet connection, I am downloading these two animes. As a long time fan of the manga, I hope the anime has done a good job, judging from your reactions, it has.
    Now, let me try and reassure you of this animes future.
    Yes, the electrocution thing is a running gag, but it happens far less in later chapters, actually I only remember it being a frequent occurrence at the beginning of the manga. I can’t say if Baby Beel became less of a cry baby later on, it is hard to tell, but some of my favorite scenes from the manga involve Oga telling an almost crying Baby to man up and not cry. Those scenes are incredible badass.
    Yes, Hilda is awesome, and yes, she stays awesome.
    Yes, Oda is still a badass. This isn’t Bleach, he doesn’t have frequent stages of weakness and self doubt, he is forever badass, though there are some times when his opponents are stronger than him, so he does require the occasional power up.
    Yes, the baby is still naked. You get used to it after a while, and on occasion, it does provide some comedy, but it is mostly there, because a naked baby is just part of this shows character.
    I also happen to love pretty much every scene with Alan (there aren’t many though), that guy is hilarious. The comedy, surprisingly enough, doesn’t really die out. I am not sure if it is repetitive or not, but the newest chapters are still funny.

    • You must be excited to see this one then. x]
      Actually, I thought it was kind of funny when Oga has a ‘man to man’ talk with Beel about not crying in this episode. BUT, I enjoyed the moment where later, he gets captured by these punks and he starts to cry but toughens up because Oga said not to cry.. It changed my opinion of Beel and stopped thinking that all he can do is cry.
      Yeah, I noticed how there’s no hesitation or doubt in Oga and that just makes the series all the better.
      I hope the Beel gets some clothes when he gets older. x]
      Do we ever get to see the Demon King’s face? I think he’s pretty funny so I’d like to see what he looks like.

  3. I honestly got sick of the electrocution thing like the second time it happened in the first episode. WAY overdone.
    I am quite fond of the Great Demon King though.

    • The electrocution has definitely lost its affect as a device for humor but I’ve gotten use to it. I dont laugh… I just ignore it.
      Ha, the Demon King has got me drawn to the show. It makes me wonder how someone who is so feared can have such a personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if he looked super girly. In fact, a girly appearance would suit his way of speaking.

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