[Initial Reaction] Beelzebub: Ep 1

The way this episode started did such a good job at catching my attention and keeping it throughout the entire series. It was pretty humorous except when some of the, I guess you can call them jokes, were overused. Ex: The electricity thing.

The characters are really interesting and entertaining. I love the demon maid, Hilda. She’s so awesome. A demon wearing a maid outfit while carrying an umbrella that has a sword in it, so awesome. And Oga, he’s a badass, I like him.

The background music really stood out and was used really well to enhance the mood and feel of the show and fight scenes.

Parts of the animation were nice and distinct while some of it was not so pleasing to the eye. The black outline looks nice in the picture on the left.

It was fun to watch. It has that element of humor same as Gintama with a bit of action tossed into it. It gave off a vibe similar to Gintama. Well, I’m looking forward to meeting the other characters.

If I were to choose, I’d pick the background music as my favorite thing about the series.

One more thing, the baby… needs some clothes. Lol, I’d prefer for it to at least have on a diaper. In fact, I was expecting for it to wear diapers…

10 responses to “[Initial Reaction] Beelzebub: Ep 1

  1. You mean it doesn’t wear diapers? Oh, great, there’s something for me tonight…

  2. A decent start to the series and I like how they padded it out with things that while not in the manga, strangely fitted in nicely (except for the electricity gag, I agree that that one was kind of overused). I suppose some of the comedy comes from Beel being naked at all times as well, it’s something that you kind of get used to I guess.

    So far I’m liking the VA choices, Shizuka Itou works nicely as Hilda and Takahiro Mizushima almost perfectly fits Furuichi, Katsuyuki Konishi as Oga isn’t something that I’m all that sure about at the moment but he still does a good enough job.

    • Really? It doesn’t start off with the same material as the manga? Lol, Ruby said that it looks like three fingers. x]

      Yeah, the voice actors are doing a good job at accommodating their voices to fit their character. -Bad wording but, that’s the best I can do… What I’m trying to say is hard to word right now. x]- But I didn’t expect for Miyuki Sawashiro to Beel’s voice, it’s nice though. I’m waiting for Tomokazu Sugita to voice Kanzaki in ep 3.

      • It was kind of like the manga, from what I recall the only point that was significantly different was how it started off with Oga telling Furuichi his story at school instead. So some stuff was thrown in before that transition took place.

        Miyuki Sawashiro’s range is kind of surprising, she’s able to pull off hot and sultry characters amazingly well yet you never would have guessed that she also played characters like Maria in SZS. Tomokazu Sugita on the other hand is awesome in just about everything he does, Gintoki just wouldn’t be the same without him and in my opinion he pretty much carried the Disappearance movie. So I’m looking forward to seeing Kanzaki in the next episode as well.

        • Would you rather have the beginning start out exactly the same as the manga or are you content with how it started out?

          She’s really talented and it’s really enjoyable when she slightly changes her voice whether to make it a bit deeper or softer to make it fit the appearance and personality of her characters.
          Sugita is just amazing; I definitely agree, his voice really brought characters like Gintoki to life.

  3. Initial reaction: I WAS EXTREMELY DISTURBED, it’s distracting when the baby doesn’t having anything on! there’s like.. nothing else to stare at! XD

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