Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode 14

The Interesting bits:
-We found out more on what happened on the day the artificial sun flickered.
-Lag’s situation seems to be getting more interesting.
-Signal actually had 2 brothers >_<
-Gauche wakes up =]

Aria along with Niche finally arrive to their destination and it turns out that the letter they are delivering to, is a survivor from the airship that crashed in the day the sun flickered. There he reveals to them what he saw the day. Meanwhile, Dr. Thunderland tells his version of the story to Lag.

So it seems the artificial sun is alive, and it stole people’s memories, in which case it means that it lives off of people’s hearts. The reason why Reverse wants to destroy it. Something curious is that Lag’s heart started overflowing and his memories were shown but Thunderland said it was not possible for him to have some of those memories… and this just takes me back to when Roda told Lag that he is the light.. Could Lag be the artificial sun? Something I found interesting was that the artificial sun has ONE eye, the LEFT eye, the eye Lag is missing. Off course this might just be coincidence XD

The image they showed of the sun’s real appearance kinda reminded me like a homunculous from FMA XD In any case, the series is definitely becoming more interesting, and Gauche is back, that just made my day =)

Oh yeah, almost forgot, there’s a new opening and ending. Personally,I think the opening is boring >_< The ending, though, is pretty nice.

“Yakusoku (約束)” by Suga Shikao
“Perseus (ペルセウス)” by Yamazaru


3 responses to “Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode 14

  1. Yea! I was so happy when Gauche woke up and he was reunited with Lag and his sister. It was so heartwarming!!!

    The sun on the other hand, freaked me out a bit. Hmmm but I don’t think that Lag is the artificial sun, idk I just think the sun… is just a freaky sun that’s alive.

    • ★✰HYuni★✰

      haha yeah Gauche was originally the only reason for me to watch the series XD
      which btw, i just remembered that Lag´s mother was taken to the capital… im guessing she was used in some experiment… Lag probably hasnt thought about that, since he´s been so into Gauche XP

  2. wow, I learned and understood so much from this episode.
    It’s pretty weird how an embryo-like thing is the form that the artificial sun takes.
    It was interesting to see some of the characters when they were young and how they were somehow connected to one another in the past.
    I thought both the OP and ED were nice.

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