Kimi Ni Todoke 2: Ep 0

Quite a few people have complained about this episode because it was basically a flashback of everything that happened in the first season. Quite frankly, I didn’t mind watching this episode; sure, it was somewhat tiring to re-watch the scenes that I’ve already seen and had to endure seeing Kurumi, it still seemed essential. It’s been a while.. I think since the first season aired and this episode served to remind the audience of the progress of Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship. The flashbacks did somehow rekindle my love for the first season and reminding me of the little moments Sawako shared with Kazehaya. [notice I said I didn’t mind. It doesn’t mean I wanted it to start with a flashback >3>]

This episode was used to ease us back into the story and allow a place for the storytelling to continue from. So, as shown, the next episode will start with Valentine’s Day. Sawako had made her chocolates and I’m hoping she’ll be able to give some to Kazehaya. Since Kurumi entered the choco shop, she probably bought something for Kazehaya.. I can’t remember what happened even though I just finished watching it a few minutes ago. -___-

This is getting me excited~ I now remember why I love Kimi Ni Todoke. Sawako and Kazehaya’s feelings for each other is simple, sweet, and adorable. They don’t complicate their situation/relationship, only following the path that their feelings direct them on.


12 responses to “Kimi Ni Todoke 2: Ep 0

  1. I actually thought this episode was pretty decent for a recap episode.Well mostly, I was pretty much staring at Kurumi the whole time ( she is pretty cute you know) which made the episode watch-able ^^

    • Lol, she is cute but.. I would’ve preferred for Sawako’s point of view. It would’ve been nice if it was told from Kazehaya’s point of view, a change of pace.

      • Oh yeah, you’re right! I’d like to have seen Kazehaya’s point of view, that would be interesting ^^

        • He’d probably talk about Sawako the whole entire time. It’d be adorable. x]

          • Haha yes I would be over-fangirling the whole time he would talk about her.

            • Is animelover303 your other account, wonton jr?
              Omg, I’d be fangirling with you too.
              ahah, every scene she’s in… she’d be showered with sparkles in his mind.

              • LOL sorry -____- before I started blogging I had many accounts to use as a lurker so sometimes when I come to other blogs I forget to sign out of them.

                Haha yes, that would be so cute!

                • Lol, no wonder.. I’ll have to keep that in mind. ahah.
                  Maybe I should comment on other blogs with a different account.. I’ll probably be more expressive and open. x]

                  I promise to spam your blog with lots of comments filled with my thoughts on the upcoming anime.. once I watch them. xD

                  • orr I also have to add it’s sometimes my sister’s account XD but usually I use all my other accounts. Haha yes I do that alot too

                    Haha cool! I look forward to it… since I don’t do anything but blog and procrastinate on my studies

  2. The way it recapped things from Kurumi’s standpoint was probably just unexpected, but I thought that it was still good in how it set the mood and agree in how nicely it reacquainted us with some things.

    On the other hand though the attempt to make us sympathise with Kurumi was something I was uneasy about. As sure she may have had feelings for Kazehaya long before the series, but she still did some things that weren’t exactly the nicest. So it kind of felt forced in some way, aside from that she’s up against someone like Sawako.

    • If it was going to do a recap, I would’ve thought that Sawako would be the focus and from her point of view.

      I agree, I didn’t like how it tried to somewhat justify her -not very kind- actions by showing that it was all motivated by her feelings for Kazehaya.

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