Nabari No Ou Series Review-ish.

I heard a lot of good things about this one so I had high expectations but… I guess my expectations were too high that Nabari No Ou couldn’t meet them. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

One thing that just didn’t sit right with me was Kairoshuu’s leader’s death. Really now?
The dude was like the last boss and yet he went down so easily. It was something I didn’t expect. I figured he was just faking his injury or the damage wasn’t so bad and that he was waiting for a chance to strike back. I was wrong, he was heavily injured and immobilized; he was left there to die. It’s not that it pisses me off or anything but he seemed to gracefully and effortlessly dodge the attacks of everyone else except for Yoite’s. Now that I think about, maybe I’m too harsh. He may have trusted Yoite to not harm him or something like that.

The way the series opened up was nice, showing a scene that caught my attention but then lost my attention when it started to introduce Miharu being a typical shonen protagonist staring out the window. Yeah, I’ve had enough of those ‘staring out the window in school’ scenes.

The background music.. It didn’t really catch my attention nor did I remember hearing anything at all. But I really do like the opening and the second ending was pretty good.

It was somewhat humorous but everyone’s depressing pasts and whatnot made it hard for comedic acts to pass without feeling forced.

  • The love between Hanabusa and Tobari is really cute. I didn’t expect it but it was nice.
  • Koichi is immortal and at first, before the explanation of why he was immortal, I thought he was a vampire.
  • Yoite and Miharu are so adorable together.
  • Yukimi is pretty cool. x] but when he starts whining.. it gets annoying. >3>
  • This series was so frustrating at times because the way the characters though would piss me off.
  • I love Ichiki’s accent, it reminds me of Gin from Bleach.

I enjoyed this one, it was good.


12 responses to “Nabari No Ou Series Review-ish.

  1. ahaha yeah it could have been better, though it was refreshing way to view other ninjas, aside from naruto XP
    If i’m right, the manga hadn’t finished when the anime aired so I have yet to finish reading the manga, hopefully a better ending will be expecting me ;)

  2. Oh I watched this series before, though in terms of ninja speaking, I’d say Naruto has better ninja plots. The manga ended just recently, though I hated the ending so much D:< I'd have to say the anime ending was way better for me ^^

    • Naruto is so long that I dont really much of it except for obvious details like sasuke left Konoha, etc.
      Woahh, guess I’ll have to see if its really as horrible as you say. lol, I was going to ask you why its horrible but.. I’ll have to read it first before asking so I dont get spoiled.

  3. ya i thought it was a pretty good series. i really liked Yoite. and i thought it was frustrating sometimes when they showed they flashed backs with Tobari was and Miharu because it was like are Miharu and Tobari related and ya. but i know a great series some of you might like it great and it’s hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s called “Soul Eater”

    • … I didn’t know Miharu was related to Tobari…

      I’ve seen Soul Eater before and I really love the characters. It’s too bad that the show ended abruptly.

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