Pandora Hearts Chapter 56

Oz gets conjuctivitis!?

I’ll make this short:
Gil finally realizes that Break is blind and decides to go rescue his dear friend XD I’m totally loving this part… not that I’m a shounen-ai fan ;P..
Meanwhile Oz, Vincent, and Elliot found the sacrificial place where they had Alice and Leo… and just as soon as Oz sees Alice, he rushes out to the enemy’s trap, where he’s trapped by humpty dumpty but chan-chan.. Oz releases the scythe again and slashes it, BUT something is different: He’s got red eyes.. like a bunny XD

Oh yeah, as for Elliot, he goes to where Leo is and what does he see: a clocked person that turnes out to be… his mother!? And that’s the end of it. I know cliffhanger and one month to wait for the next chapter :P

Personally, I’m more interested in Elliot’s dark story than in Oz’s bipolarity. XD


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