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Otome Yokai Zakuro: Episode 13

Well, this was a nice ending. Everyone had their feelings sorted out and knew who their significant other was.

Highlights of this episode:

  • OMG, Sukihotaru and Riken are so adorable. They are like the most adorable pair. Their little scene had me going ‘ AWWWWWW T_T’ the whole entire time. SO ADORABLE~~ The fact that they both are so shy and dont say much.. for them to able to communicate through actions and touch was just too cute.
  • Lol, Zakuro is pretty adorable too. She’s getting all embarrassed and had trouble telling Agemaki her feelings. I was a bit surprised that Agemaki was so calm and whatnot when Zakuro confessed to him. x]
  • The Spirit Affairs is reinstated and everyone gets to stay together with their significant other
  • Omodaka is accompanied by Byakuroku

I really like this series and I’m pretty sad to see it end because it was a shojo-ish type of series but it also had action. I’m really satisfied with this one~~

Seriously, Suskihotaru and Riken… so freakin adorable. ^_^

Pandora Hearts Chapter 56

Oz gets conjuctivitis!?
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