Bleach: Episode 302

I must say, Tensa Zangetsu is pretty hot. x]


  • Ichigo’s inner world submerged in water showing him losing hope. His feelings and emotions are reflected in his world. I dont like the fact that his world is drowning in water but how it reflects his feelings–just so we’re clear. :P
  • Tensa Zangetsu, omgg~ He looks so cool. x3
  • Hichigo returns. :3 Mann, I wonder if it’s going to be a 2-on-1 fight where Zangetsu teams up with Hichigo against Ichigo.
  • Ichigo is going to get new powers.

Nooo, I really hope Aizen doesn’t kill Tatsuki.
Wow, Konoji still exists. I totally forgot about him.. eheh. I hope he just doesn’t get too full of himself and gets killed by Aizen. >3>

Aizen anticipated that Ichigo would return with new powers so then he knows what’s going on with Ichigo. Knowing that, Aizen seems confident that he will win and that he’s got total control over the situation. Does he not consider the possibility that Ichigo could overpower him and eventually kill him? –How conceited of Aizen.

Also, what happened to Rangiku? I thought she was going to finally be able to see Gin. -_- Is she going to head back to Soul Society?

I really want to know what kind of shikai and bankai Isshin has. Also, why don’t the zanpakutos want to teach the final version of Getsuga Tenshou? What is the final version like? Is the Getsuga Tenshou and the final version executable only by the Kurosaki family? o.o I’m getting so excited about Bleach now. It’s finally gotten interesting again. x]

8 responses to “Bleach: Episode 302

  1. waah omg so tensa zangetsu finally appeared
    oh noes, i gotta catch up >_< i think i left off around ep 260… woot 40 episodes behind.. maybe i shoud just skip? XD

  2. Damn, I should start watching the anime again. Oh, and I won’t spoil anything for you, but Ichigo’s upcoming powerup is super awesome, I expect your jaw to drop down to the floor.

    • well, there’s been a few filler episodes. They weren’t that entertaining. x]
      Lol, I’ll be looking forward to it. Is there anyone else that can even compare to his upcoming power?

      • I am not going to answer your question, not because of spoilers, but because answering that would kill the excitement and the awestruckness. I will tell you this however, you are going to have to wait some time to see his new power. Soon after this point, the story will focus solely on Aizen and his long walk through the town. The manga actually dragged Ichigo’s entrance for quite some time.

        • Ooh, that’s true.
          Well, hearing that his entrance was drawn out doesn’t make it exciting to look forward to the shift of focus onto Aizen. I’m thinking about this and for it to focus on Aizen’s walk, which you said was long… I can’t think of anything that could occur as he trudges through the town except for him meeting and torturing all of Ichigo’s friends that are conscious and aware of his presence.

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