Otome Yokai Zakuro: Episode 12

NOOO, one more episode left. T_T

Aww, Omodaka was just jealous and wanted to be loved by his mother. It’s sad how he was so little and didn’t have anyone to tell him explain to him the things that were going on and he had to find answers all on his own. So then he came to the conclusion that his mother hated him and whatnot because no one was there to tell him the situation and circumstances.

Daidai.. -__- why is she jealous of her sister when her sister is suffering for her sake?


  • Agemaki manned up and wanted to protect Zakuro; he did protect her when Ganryu’s sword went flying towards Zakuro. Luckily, Agemaki dived and moved Zakuro out of harm’s way. x3
  • Suskihotaru and Bonbori and Houzuki took action and fought. I thought that they couldn’t do much without Zakuro; I really thought that Zakuro was the only who knew how to fight and that these other three were only there to sing. >3> I was wrong and I’m glad that they got to show that they can fight even though they can’t fight like Zakuro.
  • Riken took the initiative and freed the fox spirits while saying ‘Agemaki is right, we can’t always rely on you girls’.

Hopefully the ending won’t be cheesy or lame. :P

One more thing, the group’s reaction to Omodaka, the villian, being Hanadate was different from what I was expecting. I expected for it to be more like ‘GASP, LIEUTENANT HANADATE? WHY? WHAT? HUH?’.
but ooh well.


10 responses to “Otome Yokai Zakuro: Episode 12

  1. I feel really sorry for Omodaka now :( poor twisted kid…

    And I’m guessing Daidai has a certain be better than my sister complex???? Well I don’t know why, but I loved the scene where she was running through the estate laughing like crazy… it just made me laugh for some weird reason ^^

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