Kuroshitsuji – Ch52- sailing buttler

“Nobles really don’t do anything but gather everyday and talk about irrelevant things like what family did this or that…”-Ciel

Lol that cracked me up

hey, snake doesn't look bad XD

So on this chapter we meet Elizabeth’s family, turns out her father is just like her (obsessed with Ciel XP). And she has a brother that doesn’t accept Ciel lol, but he looks hot ;D
Anyway, seems like Ciel can’t stand some relaxation days, that he was enthusiatic enough to strike this pose:

great password XD

anyway, old faces appeared at this secret society: undertaker (wee!) and the crazy lolicon-viscount XD
But going to the main point, it seems the founder of this organization is called Bran Ryan Stoker (anyone notices where this is going?). he turns out to be some freak obsessed with health that supposedly found a cure to medicine’s greatest challenge: death.
So he brought out a coffin with the body of some Margaret girl and he revives her.. some sort of Frankenstein XD but things get out of order when she attacks her father. Sebastian threw some knives at her but that didn’t work.. now what would they do? XD

2 responses to “Kuroshitsuji – Ch52- sailing buttler

  1. I stopped reading the Kuroshitsuji manga like wayy back in the arc where Ciel and the gang is stuck in the mansion with a killer going around. It looks like your ahead of me (I think *-*) I’m just gonna wait a little longer before trying to catch up, I seriously cannot wait patiently for chapters to come out every week XD

    • yeah the killer arc just ended, this one just started and i guess it’ll take a few months XP but so far seems it’ll be more interesting than the previous one. and i know what you mean, waiting for the next chapter can drive anyone crazy. that’s why i read many other stuff at the same time ;D

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