Winter 2010-11 Anime Previews

Winter is here and that means new shows as the many of the Fall seasoned shows are ending. Someone people have been complaining about shows being lame and all but it’s not that bad.

Chart made by The Cart Driver

I’ve separated the shows into Four Categories: ‘Series Definitely on our Watch List’, ‘Series we’re going to watch but might not be that excited about’, ‘Series we’re might get to if time allows’, and ‘Series we’re not going to watch’.

Series we’re definitely watching-Definitely not going to drop even if it sucks. x]
Series we’re going to watch but not that excited about-First five episodes will determine if it’ll be dropped or not.
Series we might get to if time allows-if people say they’re good, we’ll watch it but episode one will determine if it’ll be dropped or not.
Series we’re not going to watch-yeah, these are the ones that don’t fit our taste. ^_^

Series we’re definitely watching

  • Kimi Ni Todoke 2 – I have got to marathon the last five episodes of the first season before season two starts. Dx
  • Beelzebub – definitely not skipping this one; I’m looking forward to it
  • Starry Sky – woot, the bishies. pfft, even if it sucks, I will force myself to finish this one. why? -idontknow. >3<
  • Gintama the movie is coming out on DVD. woot~~
  • Black Lagoon Roberta’s Trail of Blood: the third episode?  – yayy, blood, jk. >3>

HYuni: im not very excited with the upcoming anime XP

  • Level E
  • Wolverine

Series we’re going to watch but not that excited about


  • Merry Dream Eater
  • Goulart Knights
  • Gosick – first episode will decide if i’ll continue or not.
  • Infinite Stratos – again, first episode will allow me to make a decision
  • Level E – I originally wasn’t going to watch it but.. aliens.. I want to see how the alien looks. x3
  • Fractacle


  • gosick
  • kimi ni todoke (i gotta watch 1st season first though…)
  • beelzebub

Series we might get to if time allows


  • Is This A Zombie? – hmm…
  • Mazinkaizer SKL – the dude looks pretty cool on the chart. x]

Series we’re not going to watch

Everything else that we didn’t list. pfft, I’m too lazy to list those that we’re not going to watch. x3


24 responses to “Winter 2010-11 Anime Previews

  1. Haha, my two #1s are on your “not that excited about” list. Gosick and Merry Dream Eater. Of course Merry Dream Eater is only on my list because it makes mentions of war with cats. Even just in dream form, wars with cats amuse me.

    • ooh, pfft, well, I guess you could say that I’m looking forward to it but there are others which I’m super excited for. ^_^
      lol, wow, cats battling in war? nice, nice. maybe I’ll look forward to this one too then. ahah.

  2. lol, interesting.
    i will preview this post and link back here (coz i’m too lazy to research up-coming anime list heheheheh).

    i wonder what you will say after watching some ‘first episode will decide if i’ll continue or not.’


    • lol, hopefully this was helpful. x]

      ahah, I’m probably going to like the shows unless they’re just absolutely horrible which rarely happens. :]

      Which ones are you planning to watch? o.o

  3. Haha I see you have the winter anime previews up now ^^

    I’m excited for Starry Sky, it’s airing out soon ( hopefully they won’t ruin the bishies with the animation -_________-)

    • ahah, pretty late but better late then never. x]
      procrastination got the better of me.

      ahah, I’m hoping there will be lots and lots of sparkles and that the guys will look nice and charming.

      • Lol yes procrastinationis great isn’t it haha XD

        Yup, because you can’t have a bishie anime without the bishie sparkles , though I saw a few screenshots somewhere of it.. but it looks errr ok the main character’s hair is really annoying T.T

        • yeahh, I need to stop it. >3>

          lol, hopefully you wont be disappointed when it starts airing then. i’m hoping i wont find the main chara’s hair annoying like you did.. ahah.

          • Lol I’m still procrastinating on my school work right now haha.

            Yup I hope so, and even if the design isn’t that good, I can still listen to the awesome seiyuus. Haha when you see her hair you’ll want to grab some scissors and cut her bangs off XD

            • ahah, that’s bad. you should do it now or it’s going to be too late.

              their voices must be dreamy. wait, the main chara is a girl? o.o so it’s basically like reverse harem? o.o

              • Right.. sometime … soon… well it’s christmas break for me so… I can do.. it… sometime….

                Yea, it’s like all the great male seiyuu were casted for this ^^ oh yeahhh the main character is a girl. Well the anime is based on an otome game where the player is the only girl in an all boy school ^^ pretty typical plot.

                • lol, watch, you’re going to put it off until sunday, the day before school starts again. x]

                  … Lol, I didn’t know.. I should’ve read the summaries.. I only chose it because the dudes looked nice on the picture. I hope the main chara isn’t annoying. >3>

                  • LOL yes how did you know?? haha

                    Hmm I watched the first episode already… that was 11 minutes T.T but the guys looked pretty good.. I’m not sure if the main character was annoying, but she seems like a typical shojo heroine haha ^^

                    • lol.. how would I NOT know?

                      ooh, the preview/advanced screening thing? .Hmm, I’m interest in seeing what kind of a shojo heroine she’ll be though.

  4. wah .. i can’t believe that anime is also covering zombies… i thought only hollywood. i guess it’s the trend.

    • I’m wondering what the zombies will look like. They’re probably not scary.. they might even look adorable. x] ahah. There might be more and more series with zombies later on.. >3>

  5. I’m not gonna spoil too much for both of you but Kimi S1 sucked, nothing happens >.> hopefully in S2 something will x3
    I feel like I’m going to be repeating myself over and over again since I commented on so many winter 2011 preview stuff already~ I’m going to be watching Kimi S2 for sure, and maybe gosick, level E, Beelzebub, and merry but overall things are looking really dull, it’s sure gonna be really lack this season but that’s kinda good since it gives me less work to do ^^ .. paper it looks like you have a huge list to watch @_@

    • what? what? ahah, I thought season 1 was pretty good. it had some good moments. I think the ChixRyu moments were pretty good. :3
      lol,, hopefully this will be your last so that you dont need to repeat yourself. x]
      Well, i’m pretty happy with this season since there’s Beelzebub. :x
      ahah, >_< hopefully i'll be able to keep up with my list.. although I'm pretty sure i'll be super behind.. but i can't help but add things to the list since a lot seem pretty interesting. ^_^

  6. Looking forward to Kimi ni Todoke 2 and Beelzebub as well, the former may have been kind of uneventful but it was nice for what it was. Plus I sort of have a soft spot for characters voiced by Mamiko Noto, the latter on the other hand depends on how Studio Pierrot handles it. The manga isn’t anything special but it’s definitely pretty fun for something running in Shonen Jump, and I’m interested to see how some of their voice actor choices will work out.

    For some reason Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica screams that it will be glorious, how it may be a Magical Girl sort of show may not say much. But all you have to consider is that Urobuchi Gen will be writing the script (see Nitro+) and it will be animated by SHAFT with Akiyuki Shinbo as the director. So while SHAFT and Shinbo’s style is more of a love it or hate it sort of thing, it’s definitely something with potential.

    • Ooh, so you’ve read the manga for Beelzebub? Are you going to be blogging both series?

      I saw the promos and it had a nice OP and ED so.. I’m probably going to watch it for the songs. ^_^
      SHAFT was also associated with Angel Beats!, right? or was it another series? o.o

  7. Yeah, it was pretty fun as a delinquent comedy with things like just punching harder being “secret moves”, so probably. There are always a few shows that I wish I had blogged each season though.

    The OP and ED do sound nice, and the animated sequences should be pretty good in typical SHAFT fashion. They’re generally associated with stuff like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and more recently Bakemonogatari and Arakawa. All of which were also directed by Shinbo.

    Angel Beats! on the other hand was P.A. Works coincidentally with Key’s main author, Jun Maeda.

    • Which ones are you thinking of blogging for Winter?

      Ooh, if its going to be in a way similar to Arakawa then I’ll really be looking forward to it then. I’m excited to see the animation of Madoka Magica.
      Ahh, okay, thanks for the clarification.

      • Possibly Kimi ni Todoke, Madoka, Fractale (it looks like it has the potential to be a nice adventure story), and Beelzebub depending on how Pierrot handles it.

        And it should be a bit like Arakawa, though personally I’m more interested to see how well something like it will contrast with Urobuchi Gen’s past works, which are usually pretty dark.

        • Well, I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on Kimi Ni Todoke 2 and the rest then.

          Hmm, that sounds pretty interesting since it’ll be something different from Gen’s previous stuff.

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