BLEACH CHAPTER 428-429 Hello Xcution

Ishida´s father can look hotXD whatever happened to his son´s sense of style XP

At last things are moving a bit. So after fighting shinigami, hollows, and hybrids, Ichigo will have to fight humans now ;P At least, according to Ishida’s father, after he son was injured by apparently another human, the next target will be Sado or Orihime. But there are still so many questions and too little answers… Kubo is keeping us as confused as Ichigo is. But i’m more interested in finding about Isshin. Orihime can go die XP

Anyway… I’ve been thinking… Karin and Yuzu have some sort of power.. maybe small but they have powers as a human. But their father is a shinigami, so they should also have shinigami powers. My point is.. Ichigo was pretty useless as a human even when he had spiritual powers :S Now that he has none, maybe he´ll develop superhuman powers with the help of the Xcution guys XD or will he just get his shinigami powers back?


5 responses to “BLEACH CHAPTER 428-429 Hello Xcution

  1. Haha Ichigo is pretty useless right now XD but this arc is actually pretty interesting!

    I’m betting that Ichigo will probably get his shinigami powers back somehow.. as long as he doesn’t get any stupid power-ups I’ll be fine with anything. Though I hope they’ll show some of the SS characters soon…

    • yeah I miss the SS guyz too.. real world is a bit boring XD

      • Haha you’re right about that, I mean in my opinion, the SS arc was the best arc in Bleach.

        • Indeed… after the SS everyone got a huge power up…like everyone can fly, hollows dont have to be slashed on the head to be destroyed, etc..
          oh yeah, and what about ishida? he can shoot thousands of arrows now and “destroy” even more the balance of souls. but SS doesnt do anything about it :S

          the story has many holes XP… i say that, though im still reading/watching it haha

          • Haha I know right? Not to mention that all the espada were killed , even though like 10 of them could destroy the whole Soul Society AND no one died -________-. Kubo seriously needs to kill a good guy some time soon.

            Haha I agree, though I’m also following it x]

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