Amatsuki Review-ish.

Important Points:

  • Too short; only 13 episodes
  • Concept/idea/plot are good
  • Attention-grabbing start
  • Not everything is thoroughly explained

When the anime starts, so the first few minutes of episode one [excluding the scene where he’s staring out the window and into the sky and excluding the opening song] everything that happened really caught my attention. The concept of the series was interesting and got me curious at what it could possibly offer. Despite a few flaws, I feel that it was very enjoyable for me. Maybe not for you. ~_~

The characters were okay. There wasn’t much to them since the series is only 13 episodes long so there wasn’t much time set aside for each character. Toki and Kuchiha’s character, personality and past were somewhat explored but there wasn’t much about Kon.

13 episodes were too short~~ The plot didn’t even get to fully develop. In fact, I am not even clear of what the plot is myself. Puhh~ There was this one episode where Toki and co. meet the princess, Princess. In that episode, a shitload of information was given. Yeah, I had to re-watch a few times to fully process the information. All these Yakous, Nues, Teiten, Bonten, and so on just got me confused. I couldn’t sort out who the antagonist[s] were. I think it’s Teiten judging by how [spoilers from here on out] He used Yakous to drive Amatsuki to madness, I think.

What I liked:

  • Those little flashbacks that Toki has once in a while were very interesting to watch. The person seems to be important to Toki but it wasn’t really given as to who the man was. It could’ve been his dad or brother but it doesn’t seem like it. Possibly a guardian.
  • Kon. Pffft, he’s just so cool. He’s just such a shrewd person that you cannot not love him. [aha, I just used double negatives; a big no-no in grammar.] He knew something was up with Princess and had that little chat that didn’t make sense to me because it was obvious that what they were discussing, it wasn’t the right moment for the audience to know the truth.
  • I also liked what Shamon said: “Uneducated, you will be confused. Learn, and there is no good or evil”. It was thought-provoking, it made me want to write an essay to explain the greatness of the quote. It made me but I’m not going to. :P
  • And, the mythology was enjoyable. I got to learn a few things of Japanese mythology. It was educational.
  • Ohh yeah, can’t forget Bonten. Something about his appearance. I think it’s the piercings. >3< his personality too.
  • I like how it was hard to discern who were the antagonists and protagonists because there was no definite line separating good and evil.
  • It wasn’t all serious and had a bit of humor here and there

Other Thoughts:
I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but each episode would end with a cliff hanger. So, I couldn’t resist watching the next episode right away. It was hard.
It’s good. It’s amazing. It’s deep. It’s thought-provoking. I love it. Well, maybe not love but its more than a like.

Usually, I would never watch something twice and I haven’t either but if I were to re-watch a series, I might just pick this one. I could re-watch it and maybe understand the whole Teiten and Yakou stuff a bit better.

Maybe I’ll pick up the manga to get a better understanding of the story and then re-watch the show with the knowledge that I need to fully understand the anime.

35 responses to “Amatsuki Review-ish.

  1. Sounds somewhat interesting. But I think that all anime should be able to develop its characters within however many episodes there are. Air, for example–short as this one, but it managed to give every character the space they needed.

    I might add this one to my list, but I dunno yet.

  2. Hmm is this anime any good? I’ve actually never heard of it… but the guys look like bishies ^^

    • Lets see.. I think it was good but a bit too short. Lol, yeah.. I only watched it at first because the guys looked cool. xD but then I started liking it even more because of the storyline.

  3. one of my favorite. i suspect the short airing was because it didn’t really succeed. by seeing so many part of the story hadn’t done, well, that was the only thing that cross my mind.

    • Ooh, i read on wikipedia that it was due to one of its staff being involved in a drug scandal that it got shortened. I might be wrong since this is wikipedia we’re talking about, anyone can say anything. >3<
      So you've read the manga? o.o

      • pffttt… i got it wrong. I think it was Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi that had been stopped due to its less popularity. my bad :D

        i haven’t read the manga version. had it complete?

        • I googled it.. Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi seems pretty interesting. o.o
          so the anime stopped because it was unpopular? or was it the manga? O.o

          The manga for Amatsuki is still on-going.. but the release is irregular. Dx
          There’s only about 50 chapters out right now.. maybe I’ll wait for a bit more before reading it. x3

          • Tenpo Ibun is quite ok. it has similarity to Amatsuki in one or two aspects. especially a male priest dressed as woman. tenpo ibun speaks about mystical world and in this series, you can learn how a kanji was actually formed in ancient time.

            I quote wikipedia:
            While originally scheduled to air for 52 episodes, the series’ length was shortened to 25 due to its low ratings and ended its run on March 31, 2007.

            I think i read it somewhere that the popularity was eaten by Naruto and one other title — probably Bleach.

            Oh, you’ve got to hear the closing songs! very nice songs! ^_^

            anyway, i saw AMATSUKI manga today at Kinokuniya… o.o.. Volume 12….

            d@mn Bontan is so !@#%$ gorgeous! T___T
            i will wait until the series end and read. >.>

            • wait, what? male priest dressed as women? o.o the priest never dressed as a women in Amatsuki o.o
              Ooh, I’ll be looking forward to hearing the songs then. x]
              Hmm, 12 volumes? That doesn’t seem much. D:

              Lol, I agree. Bonten.. x] he’s so, so, so hot. ahah.
              Ooh, you dont like to read series that aren’t finished?

              • wait… i thought one man in amatsuki is a priest and dressed quite like a girl. and face like a girl. but.. i learned that certain priest had to dressed like woman, like in Tenpo Ibun.

                not that i dislike to read unfinished series,.. but it hurts my heart to wait forever if there’s no news whether it continues or not.
                i’m a fan of Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, and Saiyuki Gaiden. I hate to say that i stuck reading it becoz it’s not yet continued. i even bought the original – in japanese text!

                another that haven’t yet finished n i bought original japanese was Peacemaker Kurogane.

                These two are awesome stories, that i don’t mind to buy in original (i don’t care i understand or not of the text hehehe) but it’s not yet finish.. T_T

                (omg, this is my longest comment ever,.. )

                • Ooh, okay.. I know who you’re talking about now. lol, sorry.. the character just slipped my mind. there’s this one person and she/he looks like a girl but then she/he used to be a man.. now he/she is genderless.

                  Lol, I see.. though it’s always a long wait for series to be finished. x]

                  Lol, it’s all good. My comments are pretty long too.

  4. think the priest in amatsuki is the one who has young brother.. so he’s still there and ‘genderless’…?
    wow… genderless… for me he’s still a man.. or did he become totally girlie? >.>

    • Wait, what? lol, the priest doesn’t have a younger brother.. o.o

      • shoot! i can’t remember the detail of the story..
        he’s tall right..?
        hm, well, maybe i saw him talking to a boy/man who’s a bit shorter. can’t remember so much of the story… XD

        • lol.. uhm, yeah.. he’s tall.
          hmm.. that might be his siter. Lol..

          • ah, lol, yeah! sister XD
            damn.. i really forgot about the story. all that i can remember is that the main character (Toki?) were dragged to this ‘past’ world and then meeting with the dark boy which actually from the ‘future’ as him.. (Kon?). or it’s a parallel world, i can’t remember :D

            all that i can really remember is bonten as he is so lovable and to hate for his badass attitude XD but just cannot resist it XD

            • Lol, you got the basics down. It was his ‘future’ Kon that they found.
              Lol, I liked his piercings. x]

              • d@mn, i m totally lost then! >.<
                i guess i have to re-watch many anime i had done… including amatsuki -_-"

                • Lol, we’re still talking about this? It’s all good. There’s other shows this season that you should watch. Especially Level E. It’s awesome~~ x]

                  • Level E? i saw your review.. but i’m not yet familiar. will research about it.. i recently always prefer story with good looking people (bijin) rather than cuties.. :D

                    The drawing seems acceptable (for my taste). So I may want to see it ^_^

                    • Lol, so then you’re probably watching Starry Sky? ahah.
                      I like the animation, it’s really nice but I don’t know if you’ll like it or not.

  5. I haven’t watch Starry Sky…
    i even didn’t watch anything for around 5 months T_T. I started again recently. so far, i want to finish Gintama. other than that, i finished “Challanged” – a j-dorama. quite a good story.

    • Lol, really? what? hah, why drama and not anime? x]
      well, you know that Gintama’s continuing this spring, right? yayy~~

      • becoz i have time for that.. watching drama is actually taking more time since it’s longer duration. since my website do transcribing from anime, drama, film, n games,… right now majority is still from anime. i try to balance by watching more drama..

        stary sky looks interesting since it’s all bishounen *ehem*

        whaaatttt…. GINTAMA is continued????? so it’s season 4 now?????
        OMG OMG OMGGGGG! thanks for inform me! ^______^

        • Lol, of course.. it’s all about the bishes.

          yepp, you didn’t know that? o.o
          haha, something to look for to, right?
          no problem. x]

          • i guess i finished all Gintama season 1-4 in a year.. :D at last…
            i heard they already make Gintama’
            i hate the dirty jokes that becomes more annoying in season 4 but overall, the story is funny and somehow tricky. wish i can write that way :D

            • Yeah, gintama’ is currently airing and the action just gets better and better.
              I know what you mean but they’re funny.. sometimes. :3
              It just seems the comedy/jokes seem dumb at times but that’s why they’re so funny.

              • lol, indeed. anyway, i cannot reject the bishieness of Gin, Hijikata, Zura, and the bad guy who lost his sight (in this moment i forget). and i really feel curious how the story will end..

                There’s already a joke episode, like saying it was the very last episode and they rolled on the projected last episode as Gin and that bad guy fight in the very last duel. so, i wonder how Gintama will end. lol, i guess this is the only still running anime that i don’t mind to wait :D

                • Takasugi~~ haha.
                  I’ll have to say that it’s all about Gintoki <3
                  I wonder how it'll end too. I just can't imagine what kind of ending it would have. I would love it if it never ends.
                  It's definitely worth the wait.

  6. sorry, i move my mail

    • haha, it’s cool.

      Man, i couldn’t remember Sakamoto. He doesn’t appear that much like Takasugi but he barely did anything memorable. He’s the one out of the four buddies-Gintoki, Katsura, Takasugi, Sakamoto- that I don’t pay much attention to. :3

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