Tegami Bachi-Reverse: Ep 10

The spirit ember, its use and origin was discussed so we know a bit more about them and how Gaichuus are born. Ooh, and that one Gaichuu that shed it’s shell/skin is now flying and is part of Roda’s plan of rebelling against the government. Roda also refers to the town of Lament as sacrifices, I think.

Connor seems to be in love with the girl who sold him cookies which was Roda and then there’s another who sells cookies and she seems to be infatuated with Connor but he doesn’t notice. Awww. But wow, he sure ate a lot of cookies..

It was nice to see Lag in a dress and it suited him, ahah. Zazzie was surprised at how good Lag was at acting as a girl.

Ahh, Lag is still Niche-less. Niche’s not by his side to save and protect him. I wonder where she is now. I bet that once she wakes up and heals, she’ll leave the cave for Lag and save him when he’s in trouble. I seriously can’t believe he left her behind though. GRRR.

Lag finished writing his letter to Gauche and I wonder what he wrote. Hopefully we’ll get to know what he wrote and that he finally gets Gauche to remember who he was again.

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