Legend Of Legendary Heroes: 22

I started this series a about a week or two ago and to my surprise, I’m really enjoying it. When I saw this, I thought it would be too serious for me but it’s not; there’s subtle humor even if it’s dry, it’s all good. This series caught my attention right from the beginning so I’m glad I gave this a chance.

Now, onto the things that happened in episode 22.

He looks pretty young but he must be pretty old.

Hmm, Ryner’s dad hasn’t aged at all… and I think he’s dead so he’s a ghost? Maybe he’s similar to Lucile.

That must've hurt..

Ferris sees Ryner stabbed and carried by his dad so she attacks him. So, now its clear that she does like Ryner. Aww, how cute. :3 I wonder if Ryner feels the same.

and then this weird thing appeared..Yeah, this thing appearing.. It made everything even more confusing. I should pay more attention when watching.

I thought he would’ve at least called her ‘Oka-san’ to make her happy or something but she died without hearing those words. I liked the blood splatter.. like, it wasn’t bright but actually dark red. It was a nice color.

Uhh, okay then... an interesting facial expression...;

AHH~~ OMG, Sion is actually not a good person, he’s the ‘Fallen Black Hero’. Well, I guess he’s good but then he’s bad. Yeah, this part where two sion appeared had me lost. I understand that he has two personalities but why? What happened that made it so that there’s two opposing minds? or Was it like that from the beginning? Gahh, I have so many questions.

Yeah, this smirk tells me that Sion’s made up his mind to kill Ryner. NOOOO~~ Hopefully Kiefer will save Ryner from being betrayed once again.

For some reason, I was expecting for him to have scars all over his body.

What I thought:
This episode ended right when it got good. It showed a mark that Ryner acquired probably from his father after the stabbing thing. I want to know what it is so badly. I doubt it’s just some random mark. It might be a magical mark? …

Pfft, it was funny to find Ryner in the same bed as Ferris; it’s evidence proving his pervy-ness. :P

Sion seemed like such a good king but to think he would order for human experimentation to take place.. actually I think it was the evil side of him that gave out that order… probably.

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