Hitman Reborn: Chapt 317

Enma wasn’t the only one with hurt and fallen comrades/friends. He’s victimizing himself, allowing it to be an excuse for his own sake to beat up Tsuna and Vongola. GRRR, Tsuna had his friends hurt just as badly, maybe even worse. [Take a look at Yamamoto, he’s in the hospital unconscious.].

Ooh, someone’s getting pissed. I guess he’s had enough of others giving him order. He’s the Boss so he should be the one giving orders. … Do you see it? Julie is smirking. -__- and no one notices. Gahh.

Dun, Dun, Dun~~ DRAMA. I guess things needed to get heated up even more as if things weren’t tense enough. But I believe and yet I don’t believe that Iemitsu killed Enma’s parents.

What I thought:
–Enma, ughh, you just get too easily swayed and influenced. I seriously don’t think Tsuna’s dad would do something like that but I might be wrong. One thing I know for sure is that Julie is plotting something and if I were Enma, I would’ve double-checked the info that Julie gave me.. Him and his smirks in the back of Adel.. it’s a red flag warning you not to trust him. >_>

Either Tsuna is going to snap out of his state of shock OR someone’s going to come and save him. Hmm, I wonder which it would be. I think… he’ll snap out of it. Let’s hope. I doubt he’ll get killed by Enma because… well… like… Tsuna just can’t die… because.. uhm.. he’s the main character, right, right?…

New thing here, there’s going to be a question for every post regarding the topic of the post. So, go and answer the question in a comment below. :] It’ll be interesting to see what you think compared to my thoughts.

If you were to side with either Vongola or Shimon, which would you choose? and Why?

My Response:
I like the Shimon family but.. I’ll have to go with Vongola. I feel much more connected with the Vongola family. Mukuro.. pfft, that’s the only reason why I’m choosing Vongola. Lol, jk. Vongola seems much more family-like and friendly so I choose them. Well, Hibari isn’t that friendly but he’s an exception. :P


2 responses to “Hitman Reborn: Chapt 317

  1. Well… at this point, this whole Iemetsu killing Enma’s parents is a flat lie.

    I’d guess Julie was the one who told him in the first place and influenced him in some way. Julie’s the BIG BAD of this arc and you know it. XD

    That said, i’m sure everyone’s gonna side with Vongola. As am I. Shimon just doesn’t have their shit together at all and with Julie pulling strings behind the scenes, the Shimons will be torn apart from the inside somehow.

    • But, but… it might be true. hmm, I’d say there’s a .9999999% chance it could be true. >3>

      Hmm, I’m thinking Julie’s part of another group and he’s working for them. They’re the real enemies of the Vongola, not Shimon. Shimon were just being used.

      The bonds of the other members excluding Julie’s might keep them togehter but maybe after knowing the truth of what happened between Vongola and Shimon, they just might shatter from losing their purpose, assuming that Vongola Primo was wrongfully accused.

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