Kaichou Wa Maid-sama Review-ish.

I finally got around to watching because I was afraid it would be a huge letdown since some people complained at how the anime wasn’t able to completely grasp the greatness of the manga. Well, I can’t say whether I agree or not because I haven’t read the manga but I’m going to.

Yes, I did enjoy it but it could have been better. Plot and storyline is highly predictable and yet it exudes an aura of excitement and suspense. It could be that what compelled me to keep watching this series was due to the characters and their interactions with one another; it makes me want to keep watching and wanting to see their romantic relationships, friendships, and rivalry progress.

That one episode where it’s a fairytale with a twist that Usui made up or something, I sat through it because I THOUGHT that it would be short and it would quickly return to the storyline but it didn’t… Ugh, I sat through that entire episode. >_> I wish I would’ve skipped that episode. I shouldn’t have watched. I wish they didn’t put that in because it ruined the flow of the story for me. gahh.

It would have been nice to know more about Usui-his past, his family, his background. There should have been at least an episode to give us some of that information. It could have given the series that tone of seriousness that it needed. There are only bits and pieces of information about him in the endings but without explanations, they aren’t much on their own.

pfft, Usui's too funny.

Favorite Characters:
Usui- I love how he acts so cool and collected, usually but when he gets jealous, it’s fun to watch.
Misaki- I like her personality and how she stands up for others.
Kanou- He’s just too adorable. :3

lol. This was the highlight of the series. :3

Favorite Moments:
-Misaki pulled on Kuuga’s tie and lectured him. Ahh~ She was so cool.
-Usui kissed Yukimura. LOL, the censoring made it even worse.

It was fun to see the three idiots mostly in chibi form–they were adorable.
I like how the show doesn’t leave out characters after their arc is over. At first, I thought I wouldn’t see the three idiots again but they keep appearing which is nice. That one dude with the green hair and Maki, his VP along with Kanou would appear again.
I enjoyed it because of the characters but I don’t think I would’ve been missing out if I didn’t see this series. So, watch this only if you have time and have nothing better to do/watch.
It’s not like I regret watching this but it just wasn’t that good; at least now, it’s got me interested so I’ll check out the manga.
Kimi Ni Todoke is a better choice if you want something more deep. KNT doesn’t have that humor and light atmosphere that Maid-sama has though–it’s a bit more serious, I guess.

Edit: Okay, I guess I was being a bit too harsh. ~3~ [it’s a new smiley, pfft]
It’s really not that bad but… yeah. Idontknow. Okay, Nevermind. >3>

11 responses to “Kaichou Wa Maid-sama Review-ish.

  1. Oh lol Kaichou. i read the manga but the anime.. i´ve only watched like 5 episodes… after reading ur review i see that they didnt give a definite ending. which means my only reason to keep watching this will be hearing and seeing usui in full color XP

    • the ending was.. hmm, it was just like, okay, i realize i like you, kiss, and then it seems as though nothing’s change appearance-wise between the two but they both understand each others feelings. I think it would’ve been nice to end it with them going on their first date or something like that. :3
      Pfft, yeahh.. ahah, just for Usui. If only he was real. ~3~
      What do you think of the manga then? It’s good, right? O.o

  2. I’ve been considering this series for awhile, as to whether or not I wanted to watch it. I think maybe I will :D

    By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog! Completely agree with you. I wondered if you would be willing to add me to your blogroll? And I will of course add you to mine.

    Arianna S.

    • ooh, You’ll probably love Usui like the rest of us do. :3
      It’s a bit lacking in plot but don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun and adorable series. :]

      WOOT, Yuya fan for life~~ So, my friend asked me what I wanted for Christmas and guess what I said.. I said: ‘I want Yuya. pfft, Bring him to mehh.’. ~3~
      btw, do you have MAL? if you do, there’s a Yuya fan club that just got started. You should join too but only if you want. ahah..
      Of course I’m willing to. and, and thanks for commenting too. :]

  3. I personally loved Kaichou wa maid sama ALOT!
    The drawing style is what really captured me. I found a lot of comedy in it and i felt like the characters had real personalities one could relate to. The Misaki and Usui relationship is pretty cool and i love that((SPOILER!) in the end, Misaki realizes and confesses that she did love Usui in the end and finally got the guts to say it.))
    I wanna read the manga now so badlyy.. and no i dont agree that this is a “if you have nothing better to do” kind of anime. I actually waited every monday for it to come out subbed :D LOL~~

    • Oh, sorry. x] It’s just because I’ve heard how much the manga is better so that’s why I dont really like the anime much. I think you’ll fall in love with the manga immediately then. :3
      ahah, there were a lot of sparkles~~
      Which character do you feel like you relate to best?
      I like the way Misaki and Usui interact with one another, it’s just too adorable.
      Woo, it must’ve been really hard for her to get it out even though she knew how Usui felt about her.
      You should read the manga. If you do, I will too. ahah. :]

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