Bakuman Ch.108 Avid Readers & Love at first Sight


So on previous chapters, Saiko decided to write the oneshot alone. For the story he chose what he liked: Azuki… in other words love. So he’s going to write a romantic story. But it turns he’s not the only one, Eiji, Aoki and Iwase are also working on love stories. Then at the New Year Party, Fukuda says he also wants to participate in the Leader’s Fest…and somehow in turns into a love contest. Hiramaru also joins, just to follow Aoki XP. Anyway, even the head director made it official and accepted Fukuda’s proposal of making the reader’s vote their favorite oneshot.

What made me crack on this chapter was the reference to shoujo titles: Hana Yori Dango, Kimi ni Todoke, Nana, Nodame… XD lol
anyway, i’m excited to see their different points of views in love


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