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Kaichou Wa Maid-sama Review-ish.

I finally got around to watching because I was afraid it would be a huge letdown since some people complained at how the anime wasn’t able to completely grasp the greatness of the manga. Well, I can’t say whether I agree or not because I haven’t read the manga but I’m going to.
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Trinity Blood- Series Review-ish.

I really enjoyed this series until the end. =.= I’m not super happy about the ending but I’m pretty sure it could have been worse so I’ll just be content with it.
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Trigun, Finally Watched It

Usually, I’m not a fan of ‘old school’ animes because of the art but I made an exception for Trigun after reading the summary.

I think for a series like Trigun, the protagonist is a huge factor influencing one’s decision to whether they should watch the entire series. The protagonist really got on my nerves because of his nature and his policy to not kill even when he is inches away from death.

EDIT: Let me rephrase my comment about old school anime. I just don’t like it cause it’s not vivid enough. I like it when things are clear, sharp, and defined.
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Trinity Blood- Halfway Into The Series.

I’ve stopped focusing on current/new series of the fall and went back a few years to find Trinity Blood. Yes, this series isn’t old but anything that’s not airing now in Japan, I consider it old. :P So I don’t watch them. but now, I’m starting to.

What I love about the show is the pace at which the story is told. Whenever I watch an ep, it seems to always end so quick. I get so caught up in the story and the action that I don’t think of anything else while watching it.

The problem with a fast-paced story is that you get so caught up in it that you don’t have time to take/soak in all the information that’s presented. Seriously, I have trouble with remembering characters and their names and keeping track of what’s going on.
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Bakuman Ch.108 Avid Readers & Love at first Sight


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