Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode 3: The hydrangea-colored letter

“My heart draw a dream..”

Actually I saw this on my phone but for some reason the subtitles wouldn’t show up so basically I saw it full on RAW. So there are parts i might have misunderstood. I’ll later check on this. I rewatched the episode, this time with subs, and im impressed at myself that I actually understood many things correctly XD

So remember last week that Lag got a special bullet? Well at the start of this episode, he’s trying to write a letter to deliver his feelings to Gauche (that sounded weird XD). In any case, it seems that he had never written a letter before, despite that he’s a Letter Bee. So he’s troubled by that.

At work, he’s assigned to deliver something at a big mansion, there he meets a beautiful “ojousama” or lady with poor health. She shows him some pretty drawings that were delivered to her by an unknown person, so she asks him if he could find that person for her. Lag accepts as the goodie boy he is but looking for clues wasnt an easy task. The most that he was able to figure was the name of the flower that was used to paint the drawing. Since he couldn’t find anything else he decides to go back to tell the lady the bad news, but on the way Niche goes off running away and Lag goes after her. There he sees one of the maids taking care of the flowers, that’s when he realize that she might be the one, since her hands are dirty from painting.

He asked her and he was right, she confessed to him that she made the drawings because she couldn’t write. But in any case, she asked him no to tell ojousama. Unfortunately the head maid heard their conversation and told the lady. Apparently the “evil” maid wants all the fertile land in Yuusari (greedy isn’t she?), so she said that it was she, who made the letters. Lag was shocked and had a dilemma since he promised not to tell the truth so he decided that the painting should say itself: he shoots a shindan and we get a flashback. Apparently the lady met the maid a loong time ago when she was about to move to central. She was mesmerized by the color of the flowers that she used to paint. Either way their time together was brief but they became friends. Later on the maid went trough a lot of troubles but somehow managed to find the house of her ojousama and get a job there.

After that, all ends well. Ojousama goes to speak with the maid, and have heartful meeting. Meanwhile the head maid gets fired. As for Lag, well..touched by the power of drawings, decides he should draw Gauche to deliver his feelings, unfortunately drawing isn’t as easy as his thought XD

3 responses to “Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode 3: The hydrangea-colored letter

  1. I love how you edit the picture, it looks super cool! xD

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