Kuroshitsuji Chapter 50: That Butler, Burial

ahaha and the true culprits are revealed!

Seby reading Ciel in Wonderland XD

The cover page is awesome, Seby is comming out….

It turns out there was really a 13th person…. the culprit was Snake. Remember the circus arc? The guy that communicated with snakes? Well, after the circus disappeared he went on the search to find Ciel, the cause of his life’s disruptio (in his point of view). With the help of his snakes he ended up at the mansion where Soma and Agni were staying, and as the smartasses they are, they showed Snake the way to Ciel’s mansion… In other words, they are the real culprits XD
Anyway, Ciel manages to brainwash Snake by telling him that he wants his happiness and that he should become his servant, that way he’ll be able to meet Joker and the others because “he’s also looking for them”.
So all ends well, they even fooled the rest of the servants that Sebastian didn’t die because of a miracle XD

Anyway… This chapter was awesome! So many faces of Sebastian appeared here =]
I have 2 fav quotes from this chapter:
“Until the day lies become truth. I’ll be your butler.”
and the last panel:

Next chapter will probably be a new arc, what do u think it’ll happen?


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