The Breaker: New Waves- Chapt 1

This is the sequel to The Breaker. The time in the manhwa is consistent as only a few weeks have passed since Shioon has been invited to join the Sunwoo clan.

The first few pages of this chapter does a recap of the entire first part of The Breaker.

With a new plot, there comes with it, new characters. Two new characters to be specific. To be even more specific, they’re both women. >_> Why couldn’t they be guys instead? ahah… ~~

Now, the girl may look somewhat nice but she’s feisty. She flatly refused and even fussed at Shioon when he was concerned about her injuries. He felt so worried that he bought some medical supplies from a nearby convenience store for her but of course she took it the wrong way. She thought that he pitied her and looked like she wanted to beat him up.

Obviously, using context clues, she’s Shioon’s enemy but there might be a surprise twist where she’s going to fall in love with him and then he wouldn’t be her enemy anymore.

I don’t know if the other girl is Shioon’s enemy or not but I doubt that. She might become his ally against her will possibly?

Well, I’ll still continue this series despite all the predictability. What intrigues me is Chun Woon and what his moves will be after all that has happened. What’s his motive now?

2 responses to “The Breaker: New Waves- Chapt 1

  1. Greatest manga in the world. Btw did u know they released another 5 chapters after this? if ur behind its find, just sayin if u didn’t know already. this is by far my al time favorite manga ^^ can’t wait for shioon to get his ki back.

    • Lol, I enjoy this one too.
      Yeah, I’ve been a bit behind but I’m going to catch up on this one real soon. :]
      ahah, What do you like about this one? and, and Who’s your favorite character so far?
      Ahhh, I can’t wait either. >_<

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