Bakuman: Chapter 105- Defects and Outlines

Something smells bad… Shun is wearing the same clothes from yesterday XD

So the cat is out of the box when Shun starts going to work without having a bath and with the same clothes. Thankfully Kaya’s father is there to save the day, he finds him an one room apartment that allows pets. So Peace can be in peace XD So life goes back to normal, sort off (Shun still has to learn the way of the housekeeper XP), and while at work, Masshiro gave him one of the sketches for him to ink but one of the panel had some of the background students missing. Shun asks id he should do it, though he only makes the outlines and makes the details while he inks. (Wish I could do that >_<) Anyway, shocked at this revelation, Saiko asks him to show him and then he decides to try doing that instead of making detailed sketches, that way he can gain more time.

But things do not end there, Shun’s mother suddenly appears at the studio telling him to go back home, but Shun refuses, off cours ehis mother doesn’t want to back off and tells him he should stop scribbling and playing. To this Saiko and Shujn get angry, and Shujin fires up tells her that he will work with Shun to make a manga that’ll make the Shiratori family proud of. So.. I’m guessing his mother will put up a challenge, like giving them a  time limit or something.



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