Bakuman- Episode 2: Dumb and Smart

hmm.. just noticed what’s with the opening? like the blue feather thing? XP anyway….

Saiko finally decides to team up with Takagi. He said “might” after seeing the names he can make, but basically they are already a team XP so after school, Saiko tells his parents that his going to be a manga artist. His mother didn’t agree with this but his father thought it was okay. Also, grandpa has a present for him!: to keys to his uncle’s studio. The episodes ends when he calls up Shujin so they can check out the studio. And we have to wait a whole week to see more T_T oh and find out what names are all about, that is, if u haven’t read the manga.

Oh yeah, Iwase was introduced here.. hmm wonder how much will they show her in the anime. Hopefully, not as much coz I don’t like her >_< Who I really want to see is Eiji… sigh I wanna hear his voice, WHEN IS HE GOING TO APPEAR?

2 responses to “Bakuman- Episode 2: Dumb and Smart

  1. hmm, I don’t really like the OP much..

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