Bakuman – Chapter 104: Step and Watch

Saiko wants to draw another series…

its early halloween? lol

Not much happened in this chapter, I mean exciting stuff. Saiko tells Takagi that he wants to draw another series since PCP isn’t getting an anime. Though he first is trying to increase his speed at drawing. Meanwhile Takagi is doubtful as to whether he really should go along and write the story for Shun instead for Ashirogi Muto. On the other hand Moriya decides to go meet another editor in an attempt to getting ¬†published, but alas he gets the same reply he got from Hattori… though something smells bad with this editor >_< Moriya slips some info on Ashirogi Muto… I think this will turn into a problem in the future. Anyway, to finish my small summary XP Shun decides to leaves his house and his dog follows him but he has nowhere to go. So he decides to stay over the night in a small park.. will he freeze to death? Lol let’s find out next week.


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