The Breaker: Chapt 72- A New World Of Murim

I thought it was the end but found out that so far, the past 72 chapters have been part one, the prequel. It now continues onto The Breaker: New Waves which is part two of the series.

ahah, Assuji just popped out of nowhere. I wasn’t expecting him to show up but it was nice since he made me chuckle.. just a bit. I wonder if that’s the last that we’ll see of him or at least we might not see him for a while.

lol, Chun Woon is so lame, he doesn’t know how to use a cell phone. ahah, he was afraid of the videos ending up in the wrong hand and yet he decided to record them anyways and not sure whether it was actually recording or not. Shioon will probably learn a way to restore his Ki-center from these videos, hopefully.
Well, this chapter, or more like this specific page completely clarifies and justifies Chun Woon’s drastic actions. Everything was done to prevent Shioon from being associated with the Murim, therefore, out of Murim’s jurisdiction.

ahh, what bastards. They’re planning on using Shioon as a pawn of theirs. He may be somewhat timid but Shioon will or at least I hope he won’t let them use him.

Woo, he’s looking pretty bad-ass. :3 Ahhh~~ he should go back to being a teacher while wearing that outfit. It’ll be perfect.

And Shioon’s adventure continues in the second part of The Breaker as he is now acknowledged as head of the Sunwoo Clan.

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