Togainu no Chi: Ep 1-The Blood Seemed A Bit Too Bright.

This is one interesting series but the blood just made me laugh. The animators made the blood bright red and it just looked weird. They could’ve used a darker shade of red but oh well..

Akira.. ahah, he’s pretty hot. Too bad he’s into guys. >_>


There is a lot of dark colors being used which better enhances the dark themes of this series.

Characters are pretty typical but should and will be developed, hopefully, into more complex characters with intriguing backgrounds.

There’s been bits and parts of hinting at shonen-ai but it’s very subtle. Shonen-ai shouldn’t stop those of you who aren’t into it from watching this series. Lots of violence and blood even if the blood is bright red.

The guy with the sword that showed up at the end, he reminds me of Zess from Uraboku. Do any of you see it to it too? I’m wondering if Keisuke is just a side character that appears in just episode one and will never appear again. I feel he’ll be significant but his personality shows him unable to handle being in Toshima as it’s the main setting.

[I just rewatched the opening and I believe I saw Keisuke wearing a tag around his neck. I guess he couldn’t leave Akira to be by himself in Toshima.]

The OP and Ed are good but the ED with parts in English surprised me a bit. The OP animation wasn’t much but average and as for the ED, I liked the splash of blood and the tag. I lied, ahah, there is some use of bright colors and that was in the OP. The sky and light yellow and blue backgrounds were pretty bright.

Every other camera angle was basically slanted throughout the episode for dramatic effect. =.= Yes, variety in angles is needed but don’t overdo it.

and finally,

The guy, with his sideburns, reminds me of Reborn from KHR. :3


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