Psychic Detective Yakumo: Ep1

The seiyuu for Yakumo is Daisuke Ono. :3 I freakin love his voice so much. It fits Yakumo.First, I thought this was going to be a horror anime and was reluctant to watch it because… I don’t like scary stuff.

Nice animation and character designs although, for some reason, they look familiar.
OMG, I love the BGM. It just makes everything flow and dramatic, enhancing the emotions and events.
The OP and ED are really good. Especially the OP since Daisuke Ono sang it. <33 ahah.

Obviously, this series is more focused on dark themes. So there isn’t much use of bright colors except for the scene where Haruka meets her dead sister. That was probably the only bright-colored scene. Everything else had dark colors and tones which is nice because I like it that way. So, no complaints there.

>_> I was like-- okay, he's going to kiss her but... he barely even knows her. it's too soon. >_<

I really do hope that this series doesn’t revolve or at least make Haruka and Yakumo’s love the main focus of the story. Well, I’m just assuming but I think it’s obvious that there’s going to be a bit of a romance between Yakumo and Haruka.

There’s only be 13 episodes and I think it might be bit too short. There was somewhat a lot introduced but not compared to Star Driver. In just this one episode, we find out a bit about Haruka and her past, the antagonists and a fraction of their goal, and a bit about Yakumo and his abilities.

Well, Yakumo seems pretty hot. ahah, he’s second my second favortie on my “favorite characters for the Fall Season Anime” list, after Takagi [Bakuman]. x3

I’m going to watch this even if it turns out crappy at the end. Well, if it gets TOO crappy then I won’t but it’s not like I’m saying that it’s going to be crappy. It might. It happens from time to time.

Overall: I enjoyed it. You might too, I think.. I hope. Try watching the first episode.

5 responses to “Psychic Detective Yakumo: Ep1

  1. oh it came out, cool.. unfortunately my internet is officially dead >_<
    let’s see if i can download it quickly before my mom notices XD

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