Tegami Bachi Reverse: EP 1- Promise

Kyaaa Tegami Bachi is back =] Thankfully it wasn’t a long wait for me since I only saw the first season 2 months ago.

So what’s the first thing I see? Noir!! Waaaah so hot XD so ehem.. we get to see the last scene of the first season again: When Noir shoots Lag a shindan and leaves… *nooo don’t leave!!* Apparently Noir has joined a group called Marauders that steal letters? or maybe anything in general, depending on their client request. He told Lag before shooting him that this time his client was a group called Reverse… interesting, I wanna know more! sigh this episode was short… everything else was just Lag worrying or rather crying that he wasn’t able to bring Suede back while Niche thinks she’s not good enough to be Lag’s dingo. Ohh but there was this interesting part where they showed a small flashback when Noir woked up not remembering anything, and Roda was already in human form, and when he joined the one who didn’t become a spirit.. or something.

Letter Bee has a slow pace, but the interesting parts are really interesting XD gaaah i want more Noir!!


5 responses to “Tegami Bachi Reverse: EP 1- Promise

  1. ahah, the screen capping and then making it pretty and putting it all into one image is tiring.. >_>
    anyways, do you think I’ll need to finish season one before watching season two?

    • oh yes the screencapping… though the caps i used where from google >_<
      anyway, yeah i think u should watch first season, i mean that's just my personal opinion coz i like seeing everything, unless i had read it before on the manga. but if u think its too slow pacing, u could skip to the last 2 eps and then start with season 2 right away XD

      • aww, ahah.. that’s smart. I should done that.. it took me forever to make it. >_<
        ahah, alright. hopefully i'll be able to catch up super quick..

  2. I finally watched all of season one today and got caught up with the second episode of reverse. OH WOW. I’m really loving this series right now. So interesting and so many questions. >_<

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