BLEACH 422: The Silent Victory

The battle is over!?

In the previous chapter we saw Aizen being sealed away… but I didn´t expect it to actually be the end of the battle… that was sort of anti-climatic. T_T I was already seeing Aizen breaking the seal but to my surprise there was none of that in this chapter, instead we see all the captains returning to soul society and basically cleaning up things. Hiyori is alive btw. The chapter was pretty boring, not much content except at the last page when Ichigo reunites with everyone (Rukia, Ishida, Orihime.. etc) but suddenly he gets some sort of heart attack. Ok, maybe not heart attack but something really painful from the inside of his body. Could this be the aftermath of loosing his shingami powers? We might get to see hollow Ichigo again XD or something completely new?

11 responses to “BLEACH 422: The Silent Victory


  2. Momo? i didn’t see her but I doubt she’s dead. -_-

  3. really? then maybe my memory is failing me XP

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