Bakuman: Ep 1- Dream Big or Be a Loser

I saw the first [fake] OP, Super Heroes Legend and I thought I click on the wrong ep or the site uploaded under the wrong title.. hah. >_> but I sat through it and saw Moritaka and knew that I was watching the right episode.

OMG, I adore Takagi. He is really funny with his melodramatic movements and speech. It’s just too cute. hah.
I only read the first chapter of Bakuman but I think the anime did a better job at conveying the humor and melodrama.

Takagi, Takagi, Takagi. He just might become my favorite character. :3
Moritaka, his nickname is Saiko, I wonder how they came up with that, but anyways, he’s so… so… boring. Like, he doesn’t have any goals that he wants to do and settles for living a dull life.

COME ON, NOW. Why would you settle for such a life. It’s comprehensible.Good thing Takagi came along to help him find a goal and it is to team up with Takagi to become a manga artist to be able to marry the girl of his dreams.

Can’t wait for the next episode.


4 responses to “Bakuman: Ep 1- Dream Big or Be a Loser

  1. oh u saw it haha it was so great to hear them speak =] and yup takagi is waay more awesome than saiko, i like eiji best though XD (reminds me a bit of L eccentric actitude XD though in a different way)

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