Anime&Manga: Huge Influence On Me. What About You?

Ever watch an anime or read a manga that has influenced you into taking action? Or gave you courage? Or changed your disposition? Or changed your perception of things?

Well, for me, one anime had an impact and changed a part of me for the better.:3
First, you have to go watch a baseball anime Major or you can read the manga. The protagonist, Goro, has this strong love for baseball and stops at nothing to be at the top. Even at the cost of his right shoulder, he continues and doesn’t look back or regret the decisions he’s made whether they turned out good or bad. -Well, he’s probably looked back once, maybe?-

This guy is my idol, my hero, my role model. ahah I’m over-exaggerating but nonetheless, Goro made me want to stop living a boring life. Not caring about other’s opinions or how I didn’t have much knowledge of the sport, I want to be like Goro and give my all into something that I love.
So the reason I played tennis and not softball or baseball is because of Prince of Tennis. :3 I watched it in seventh grade and the series made tennis seem so cool. ahah. So ever since then, I wanted to try playing tennis. So, three years later, while watching Major, it gave me that little extra push that I needed to break out of my shell/comfort zone and do something different..
So a fictitious character inspired me and had me setting out with the goal of finding and continue practicing an interest that I’ll come to love. What about you? Has another character have an impact on you like Goro had on me?

Anyways, Major is a good anime. :3 you should try watching it and see what you think of it. Personally, I don’t really like the first few seasons because it was about Goro as a little kid. One thing I think is cool about this series is that each season is a chapter of his life. Like, season 1 is about him as a little kid, season 2 is about him in elementary, I think and it goes all the way to season 6 of where he’s a pro. Season 6 of him going pro is what I’m really enjoying.

[I stopped watching Prince of Tennis around episode 100 and that was a long time ago. I’m thinking of rewatching it but… it’ll take forever to catch up. Maybe I’ll continue from where I left off but I don’t exactly remember what happened. Or I could read the manga. What should I do?]

EDIT: Also, I got a Cooking Club started at school because of Kitchen Princess.. ahah.. :3

4 responses to “Anime&Manga: Huge Influence On Me. What About You?

  1. I’ll need to check out Major at some point, then! I’ve had it on my list for a while, but never quite had that urge to watch it.

    So… was tennis as fun as you expected? :)

    • ahh, do it. go, go. watch it. ahah.
      you may or may not adore it but i hope you will. :3

      i love tennis. ahah, only when i hit good balls. >_> when i miss.. it’s not so fun.
      have you played tennis before?

      lol, i thought you totally forgot about me seeing as you never responded to my email from long, long, long… ago. ahah. >_<

  2. Ok, im really sorry if this comment doesn’t belong here but I don’t know were else I could ask this. So, Im in big need for new manga, im getting tired of just looking for the new releases of my fav manga.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    My fav manga:
    1. the breaker
    2. bleach
    3. one piece
    4. Beezlebub
    5. d. gray-man
    6. Claymore
    7. Veritas
    8. psyren
    9. Naruto
    10. Soul eater

    Sorry again if this is in the wrong spot! thanks!

    • lol, it’s in the right spot. :D

      Have you tried Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi? It’s similar to Veritas or so I’ve heard. So you might like this one.
      Uhm, there’s also Psyren. <— This one’s awesome~~
      There's also Katekyo Hitman Reborn. The characters are so cool. :3 There's an anime for this one but the manga is way better since the show was sort of directed at kids so they took out a lot of the cool parts.

      The ones I was going to read but haven't yet so I dont know if they're good or not.
      -Gamaran <– This one seems pretty cool.

      Do tell me which ones you have already read and which ones you find good/bad. Hope this helps. :]

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