The chapter is out and we get  a full color and awesome spread. “Now time has come to an end…”

Starting with a brief flashback of Tenshiro telling Ichigo: “If you use this technique you’ll loose all you shinigami powers.”… “Farewell, Ichigo.” Then back to reality, Aizen’s mask breaks and he’s consumed by Ichigo’s Mugetsu. Is it over? We see Ichigo walking and his ninja mask fades away. Then there’s an explosion, Aizen is alive very wekeaned. The spirits that were surrounding had dissapeared and his face is now half showing. But Ichigo looses his transformation *boo T_T* and it seems he really is loosing his shinigami powers. Aizen stands up to show him that his zanpakutou is dissappearing, in other words that he’s evolving into a greater being by the will of the hougyouku. Or so he thought… *tweek* “so it finally activated”- urahara appears! He says that he hid a kidou within Aizen’s body to seal him and prevent him from achieving a complete transformation. And the kidou actually seems to be working! Aizen starts to loose his transformation. Then Urahara explains: “The reason why the seal I shot back then has finally activated now is because your power has weakened. Basically,the Hougyouku no longer sees you as its master.” Aizen, offcourse refuses to accept that and is filled with rage, and pay attention! Between his shouting we get to know more of the soul king: According to urahara, without the soul king, soul society will split. On the final page we see Aizen being sealed by the kidou.

So now what? Aizen will de-evolve into shinigami? But Ichigo is loosing his shinigami powers… so does that make him a normal human now? hmm… looking at it now, Bleach might actually come to an end: the antagonist looses its power, the protagonist is on the same block… they are both weak, so just one last brawl left. With the last of his energy, the protagonist wins and the antagonist realizes what true power is… or not and just dies away. In the end, everyone is saved but the protagonist lost his powers so he just has to go back to his old and normal life, and everything up until now was just one hell of a magical spiritual adventure. THE END LOLZ

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